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Bruiser Septic Tank

Plastic Septic Tanks

bruiser septic tankThe bruiser septic tank takes the storage of potentially harmful fluids, such as sewage, to the next level by providing you with a tank that is strong enough to remain under the ground without leaking or polluting ground water.

To achieve this goal, this tank contains not only a rugged construction, but also a domed lid. This lid is sealed to the septic tank through stainless steel screws, providing a secure holding place the stored water. Additionally, between the tank and the lid sits a polyethylene foam gasket that will created added security and prevent water or moisture from exiting the tank. This tank can also be used as a holding tank or pumping chamber.

Looking for more septic tanks?
Single and Double Compartment Plastic Septic Tanks can be a great solution, as well as a Fiberglass Septic Tank. For mobile storage you can hook up to your RV or trailer, we also have Portable Waste Tanks.

Septic Tank Features:

  • Foamed Polyethylene Gasket Placed Between Lid and and Tank
  • Ribbed Construction
  • Lid Manufactured in a Dome Shape
  • Backfill uses Native Soils not Water
  • Single and Double Compartments

Bruiser Tank Benefits:

  • Simple Installation
  • Gasket plus Domed Lid Creates an Area that is Watertight
  • Strong for Underground Storage
  • Can be used as a Septic Tank or Pump Chamber
  • Also Capable of Collecting or Storing Drinking Water
Bruiser Septic Tank Single Compartment
Capacity (gal) Size (W x L x H)
1000 60 x 102 x 63
1250 55 x 116 x 70
1500 55 x 133 x 70
Bruiser Tank Double Compartment
Capacity (gal) Size (W x L x H)
1000 60 x 102 x 63
1250 55 x 116 x 70
1500 55 x 133 x 70

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