Broken Turbidity Curtain

Turbidity Barrier Repair

Broken Turbidity BarrierProblem: A customer contacted us looking for a solution to take out an existing broken floating turbidity curtain and remove the large amount of accumulated silt and sediment at the same time. With each new storm, the sediment would escape past the broken curtain and turbid the whole lake. The contractor needs to take out the broken turbidity curtain and remove the existing accumulated sediment before continuing with the new turbidity barrier installation.

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Solution: Before removing the broken turbidity curtain or installing new floating turbidity barriers, the sediment build up should be cleared from the bottom of the waterway. Once the silt is removed from the site, new floating silt curtains should be in place before removing the broken turbidity curtain. The new floating turbidity barriers will keep any turbid water from spreading during the extraction.

Removing Sediment

Dewatering BagsThe most efficient way of removing accumulated sediment is through the dewatering process. Dewatering Bags are deployed along the bank of the pond or river, placed in such a way the effluent flows toward the original body of water. Using a trash or debris pump, the sediment mixture is sent to the dewatering bags. The silt and sediment remain in the bag, while clean water flows out. Once the dewatering bags are 85 percent full of sediment, they are transported away from the site for disposal or used as compost. This process continues until the sediment build up near the broken turbidity curtain is gone.

Turbidity Barrier Installation and Removal

Installing Turbidity BarrierThe installation process for the new floating turbidity barriers and removal process for broken turbidity curtain can vary depending on the type of curtain and the accessories needed. Please contact GEI Works with your specifications, so we can help you during the selection process. For more information about choosing the right floating silt curtains, visit our Turbidity Curtain Selection Guide. Additional resources include the following:

To repair small rips or tears in floating silt curtains, please use our Vinyl Repair Kit.

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