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Breakwater Geotextile Tube

Geotubes for Beach Erosion Prevention

shoreline geotextile tubeQuestion: I am looking for the breakwater geotextile tube for beach creation. I am looking for the one that can be used to make a good beach. Which would be good for this?

Answer: For use in breakwater applications, a great solution for shoreline erosion control is our Breakwater Tubes. Created as large filtering tubes, these items are designed to retain sediment and sand, while still allowing water (such as waves) to flow back and forth out of your geotube.

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Breakwater Geotextile Tube Construction

shoreline geotextile tubeThe breakwater geotextile tube is constructed from a UV-stabilized woven geotextile fabric. The polypropylene material is well-equipped to retain sand, while allowing water to filter and flow. Particularly useful in areas prone to erosion, breakwater tubes help prevent sand from continuously washing out to sea. Most breakwater tubes are available in both black and tan colors for either visibility or blending.

Breakwater Geotextile Tube Features

  • Lengths: The length of a geotextile tube varies depending on available space in the location and required capacity. Tube lengths include 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250 feet.
  • Circumference: As a circular structure, the circumference of the tube is set based on required volume and available space. Circumferences typically include 15, 22.5, 30, 45, or 60 feet. Larger sizes of 75 and 90 feet are also available.
  • Filling Ports: In order to create your beach or shoreline, filling ports are required on your geotube to allow access to the tube interior. Filling ports are typically set along the tube at equally spaced distances and can include up to 5 ports. There should be one port for every 50 feet of length.

Breakwater geotubes for erosion control are typically filled hydraulically with a sand and slurry mixture. After the tube as been filled, ports are closed by tying, sewing, or gluing.

Breakwater Geotextile Tube Applications

Geotubes for erosion control have been implemented in several different construction and beach-related applications including:

  • Coast Line Protection
  • Protection for Hotels and Resorts
  • Beachfront Home Protection
  • Erosion Control for Areas Prone to Hurricanes
  • Beach Creation
  • Cliff Shore Protection

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