Boom to Hold Back Timber

Can Timber Booms Allow Smaller Debris Through?

boom to capture floating timberQuestion: Regarding a boom to hold back timber, do you know of a boom that will hold back timber floating down a river but allow smaller debris through? We need to prevent timber entering sluice gates (disrupting functioning) but avoid the visual impact of booms that hold back everything and lead to public complaints.

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! In general, the goal of our debris booms is to successfully contain all debris and floating particles to prevent items from spreading down your intake, stream or river. While some of our booms (such as the Trashmesh Debris Boom) may allow fine particles to flow through the boom, they are generally designed to hold all debris products to safe, contained collection area.

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Items like the trashmesh debris boom will allow large items such as logs and timbers to be contained, but offers some additional areas where smaller types of sediment might be able to flow through.

These steel debris booms are equipped with the following features:

  • 3/4" Expanded Mesh, Reinforced with Tubing
  • High Impact Resistant Plastic Floats
  • Ballast Chain as Required
  • Uses either Stainless Steel or Marine Grade Galvanized Steel

Designed for heavy-duty applications, these booms have been used in rivers, power plants, intakes, dams, and marinas.

More Debris Cleanup Options

If you're worried about the look of the boom to hold back timber, another option you might consider is a periodic cleaning of the built-up debris and sediment. This can be done fairly easily through the use of harvesters or water vacuums. This can help remove the debris from the area and keep your location looking nice.

In addition to these, we also offer a debris net boom which would allow water to pass through the barrier below the surface of the water. You can find our complete selection of debris booms on the debris boom main page. For more information, see our Boom FAQ page.

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