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Boom Applications and Uses USA Made

Floating Booms: Containment - Deflection - Exclusion

Floating Booms are used to form a barrier to intercept debris, aquatic plants and algae, trash, and even marine life. Depending on how you install your boom, they can be designed to do at least one of 3 functions: 1) exclude, 2) deflect, or 3) contain the debris. The type of boom needed for a project's success also depends on type of debris and the specific water conditions in the immediate area. For further information about site conditions and effective boom anchoring methods, click here to view our Boom Applications and Configurations PDF.

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Boom Applications & Common Uses: Why do you need a boom?

The type of boom you need depends on what you want the boom to do, and the conditions of your location. Common boom applications and uses include:


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Why are Booms Useful and Important?

Booms are used to help keep water sources clean and in compliance with the Clean Water Act. Installing a floating boom or barrier can help prevent water pollution from circulating and spreading into large waterways. These methods not only protect theOrion Floating Containment Boom water, but also keep aquatic animals, fish, and ecosystems healthy and thriving. As debris and pollutants float down waterways, floating boom simply blocks and/or contains the unwanted waste from entering your protected area. When properly deployed, debris booms have proven to be successful in deflecting surface debris, and they have the significant advantage of not requiring the installation of permanent structures into the bed of water bodies (aside from possibly the anchoring system).

Whether you're trying to stop seaweed from reaching the beach, containing a waterborne oil spill, or just trying to keep our water sources clean, we can provide a boom to fit your need. See boom FAQs.

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