Coir Fiber Bio Log Sizes

Coconut Coir Rolls Specifications

coir logs for stabilizing streambanks and protecting against erosionQuestion: I am interested in finding out more information about coir bio log sizes. We are working on a restoration project, and will probably need several bio logs to be placed side by side along the water's edge. Does GEI Works offer bio coir logs in specific sizes? Are they custom made to meet sizing requirements?

Answer: Great question! Interestingly enough, the answer is yes to both. Erosion Control Logs offered by GEI Works, also known as bio logs or biodegradable coir logs, is available in standard sizes but are highly customizable to suit the needs of any restoration project. They're a highly effective tool used to control erosion on slopes, along streams, on banks, and in various other erosion control locations. Coir bio logs sound like the perfect choice for your project.

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Coir Logs Specifications

Varying diameters work to provide the height necessary to accommodate certain stream or water flow heights. With information about the scope and goals of any erosion control or restoration project, our product experts can suggest the most appropriate coconut coir rolls. There are four standard diameters for coir bio logs:

  • 12 inches
  • 16 inches
  • 20 inches

Bio Log Lengths

Coir logs are typically 10 feet long. This length provides a significant area of control, without sacrificing any easy of installation. With more expansive, extensive projects where longer lengths are required, several of the coconut coir rolls can be joined together with the use of coir twine. The sturdy twine ties through the netting located on the outer ends of the coir logs to join them together.

How are Coir Bio Logs Constructed?

coir logsGEI Works' Coir Logs are held together with a biodegradable bristle coir twine netting that's built to last. With 2 in. x 2 in. weave openings, planting seeds for deep roots and stable growth after coir log installation is simple. Regardless of application, project of site, bio logs are designed with the same goal in mind: to secure slopes, stabilize banks, and protect from future erosion.

Coir twine is used to hold densely-packed inner coir fiber. The density of all erosion control logs depends on the diameter:

  • 12 in. Coir Logs: Density 7 of lbs/ft³ or 9 lbs/ft³
  • 16 in. Coir Logs: Density 7 of lbs/ft³ or 9 lbs/ft³
  • 20 in. Coir Logs: Density 7 of lbs/ft³ or 9 lbs/ft³

Regardless of size, all coir logs are designed to biodegrade over a period of two to five years, allowing plenty of time for new vegetation to take root.

GEI Works offers a family of Coir Products suited to the needs of a variety of projects and job sites.

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