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Bio Log Size

Coir Bio Log Information

I am interested in the bio log and bio log sizes. We are working on a project requiring the use of several of these logs along a stream. We were wondering if there are specific sizes that these logs come in, or if they are all custom made to meet sizing requirements on a site.

bio log sizesThe Erosion Control Log, also known as the bio log or biodegradable coir log, is a highly effective tool used to control erosion on slopes, along streams, on banks, and in various other erosion control locations.

As a standard practice, these coir logs do come in several standard sizes that can be joined together to meet site length requirements.

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Coir Log Diameters

The diameter of a coir bio log comes in three standard sizes between twelve and twenty inches (12" and 20"). These sizes include:

  • 12 inches
  • 16 inches
  • 20 inches

Varying diameters work to provide the height necessary to accommodate certain stream or water flow heights.

Bio Log Lengths

coir logThe standard length for a coir log is typically 10 feet. This is long enough to provide a significant area of control, while still being easy to manage and maneuver during installation. When extended lengths are required, several of these coir logs can be joined together using coir twine. This twine ties through the netting located on the outer ends of the logs to join two models together.


The outer portion of the coir log contains a twine net that has been woven from bristle coir twine. This net features weave openings of 2 inches by 2 inches (2" x 2") for easy access to the inner area of the log for vegetation.

Coir twine is used to hold densely packed mattress coir that fills the inner area of the log. Bio logs feature the following densities:

  • 12" Coir Logs: Density of either 7 lbs/cubic ft or 9 lbs/cubic ft
  • 16" and 20" Coir Logs: Density of 9 lbs/cubic ft

Regardless of bio log sizes, all units are designed to biodegrade over a period of two to five years (2-5 yrs).

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