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Coir Blocks Bidding

Bidding Project with Coir Blocks

I am participating in a coir blocks bidding project that has the coir fiber blocks included and I am not familiar with them. There is 6200 square feet of this product on the bid schedule. Coir Fiber Block: 10ft. long, 16" tall, and 9" thick. Can you tell me more about them?

coir blockGreetings! I would be happy to tell you more about our BioD-Block™ Coir Blocks.

The coir block system system provides long protection to soil wraps by reducing installation time and product costs. They can be used in landscaping, streambank restoration, stream re-locations, and even slope stabilization.

This coir material makes construction of fabric wrapped soil layers easier with longer protection for soil wraps compared to constructing with fabric only. It provides better support to soil through rectangular shape and reduces installation time and project costs. Providing constant layer heights for soil lifts is one of the biggest benefits of coir fiber blocks.

When compared to other coir products (such as coir logs or coir wattles) the blocks can work to provide an increased height to protect areas prone to erosion or slopes in need of stabilization. In addition, coir blocks have also been used around drains and inlets to protect systems from stormwater pollution. Water from here can filter through the blocks, catching sediment and debris.

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Additional Coir Products

Similar in style to these coir fiber blocks, we also offer several other coir materials that can be used to help with stabilization, filtration and restoration projects. These materials include:

  • Coir Wattles: Ideal for filtering around drains and construction site entrances. Lightly packed to allow for catchment of debris, sediment and sand.
  • Coir Logs: Strong and densely packed, these products are a great force for stabilizing local areas and preventing further erosion.

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