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Floating Aquatic Plant Boom

Invasive Plant Control

floating debris boomOne of the best options for invasive plant control is an item known as the Floating Debris and Aquatic Weed Boom. Designed to continuously float in a water body, these booms surround invasive plants to contain them to a centralized area. Installation of booms around plants has helped to prevent further spreading and limit the amount of growth around your site.

How is the Plant Boom Constructed?

Aquatic Plant Control Booms are constructed in a design that creates a containment area above the water and just below the surface. In order to achieve this, booms will feature the following construction:

  • Top Flotation
  • Short Bottom Skirt with Ballast Chain
  • Impermeable Marine Grade PVC Fabric

Design of the boom creates a level of balance between the top and bottom surface area. The top flotation adds buoyancy to the curtain and creates a containment area above the surface. By contrast, the bottom skirt hangs vertically to create a confined area below the surface.

Color Options For Aquatic Plant Boom

aquatic plant control boomStandard color options for the boom are a safety yellow. However, several darker colors are also available for areas that need something to blend into the surrounding area. Color options include:

  • Dark Green
  • Black
  • Blue

Looking for a different boom or application? We also offer several different booms for controlling logs, ice, heavy debris, jelly fish, and large trash.

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