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Approved Flammable Storage Cabinet

Flammable Cabinets that are
Fire Marshall Approved

Question regarding an approved flammable storage cabinet: We are a carpentry and joinery workshop and require a Fire Marshall approved safety cabinet to store our paints and flammable liquids. We don't have a large amount of flammables. What do you recommend?

Answer: Hello! Thank you for contacting Granite Environmental with your inquiry. I'd be happy to help! We carry a variety of safety cabinets for storing flammable and hazardous liquids. Two options that would work for your particular application would be the Flammable Safety Cabinet or the Chemical Storage Cabinet.

flammable storage cabinetThe yellow flammable safety cabinet meets OSHA, NFPA 30 & UFC 79 standards for storage of chemical and liquids in a facility. Since you do not have a large amount of storage, I would recommend the 1 Door Manual Model. It is available in single and double depth for narrow work areas. Standard 3 point locking doors and flush mount handles. This Slimline cabinet is leak proof and all welded ensuring quality and compliance.

Now the chemical storage cabinet could be just as ideal for you. It too is Fire Marshall approved and meets OSHA , UFC 79 standards and NFPA code 30. It's manufactured from 18 gauge steel with 1 1/2 inch insulating air baffles and 2 inch leak proof sills making this a robust safety cabinet to store inks, paint and other chemicals.

This Chemical Storage Cabinet model is available with 3 types of door for improved functionality and compliance. Either manual closing (open full 180 degrees), self closing (concealed closer with auto latch) or Bi-fold (manual close).

If you have any additional questions about an approved flammable storage cabinet, please contact our sales team at +1-772-646-0597.