FAQ - Approved Flammable Storage Cabinets

Fire Safety Cabinets Designed for Compliance

Flammable storage cabinet for safe storage of flammable liquidsQuestion: We are a carpentry and joinery workshop and require an FM approved flammable storage cabinet to store our paints and flammable liquids. We don't have a large amount of flammables. What do you recommend for safe flammable liquid storage?

Answer: This is a common question posed to our our product experts. GEI Works carries a variety of Fire Safety Cabinets for storing flammable and hazardous liquids. Two options that would work for this particular application would be the Flammable Safety Cabinet or the Paint and Ink Chemical Storage Cabinet, due to the nature of what's being stored.

Our yellow flammable safety cabinet meets OSHA, NFPA 30 & UFC 79 standards for storage of chemical and liquids in a facility, and are FM approved. While we have cabinets capable of holding up to 90 gallons of hazardous flammable liquids, the smaller capacity cabinets might better fit your particular needs. Considering the small amount of flammable liquids being stored, I would recommend either the 12 or the 30 gallon cabinet.

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red indicates paint or ink in flammable storage cabinetsEach flammable storage cabinet is manufactured from 18 gauge steel with insulating air baffles and leak proof sills, making this a robust and effective way to manage flammable liquid storage. Three-point locking doors and flush mount handles are standard on our fire safety cabinets to keep the contents secure. Also, flammable fire safety cabinets for sale with GEI Works are leak-proof and all-welded, ensuring quality and compliance.

If you're interested in visually designating that the cabinets are housing specific materials, safety cabinets are available in different colors: red for paint and ink, blue for acids and corrosives, and green for pesticides. Just like the yellow fire safety cabinets, the red cabinet is FM approved and meets OSHA, UFC 79 standards, and NFPA code 30 requirements.

Two Options for Safety Compliance

GEI Works' Flammable Storage Cabinets are available with two types of doors, for improved functionality and compliance:

  • Manual Closing Doors: Flammable storage cabinets equipped with manual close doors allow the user to open and close the doors freely, as needded, while safely storing the contents.
  • Self-Closing Doors: Cabinets that are equipped with self close doors function as manually closing doors for normal day-to-day use. However, in the case of fire, when the safety cabinet temperature reaches 165 degrees, the seal will index and lock the doors to safely contain what's inside.

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