Absorbent Rolls ASTM Standards

What ASTM Standards do
Absorbent Rolls Meet?

regarding absorbent rolls ASTM standards: What ASTM (American Standard Method) standards do your absorbent rolls for oil spills meet?

Answer: Thank you for inquiring. Our Absorbent Rolls are tested for the following physical and mechanical properties:

  • absorbent rollsMass/Unit Area is tested to ASTM D-5261
  • Thickness is tested to ASTM D-5199
  • Mechanical Properties are tested in three areas:
    • Tensile Strength
      (ASTM D-4632)
    • Elongation (ASTM D-4632)
    • Puncture (ASTM D-4833).

If you are looking for a product that meets specific absorbent rolls ASTM standards that you do not see here, I would recommend you contact our talented tech team. They can assist you in finding the perfect product for your application. We specialize in site specific solutions, and want to be sure you have everything you need for your project.

Absorbent Roll Information

The absorbent rolls are a favorite for locations looking to clean up small or land-based spills. These rolls typically come in large quantities, which are then cut based on sizing requirements in your location. Rolls have been used to successfully absorb various types of hydrocarbon-based fluids and oil that has been spilled. Applications where these products have been used include:

  • Under Equipment to Absorb Small Leaks
  • Around Oil Storage Tanks or Drums
  • On Equipment to Wipe Down Parts, Valves or Leaking Parts
  • Lined on Floor Transportation Routes to Absorb Potential Spills During Product Movement
  • On Floors for Quick Reaction After a Spill
  • In Water Based Locations for Spill Cleanup

After these absorbents are used, they can be cleaned or properly disposed of in an incineration unit. This helps to successfully eliminate materials that may cause harm to other areas in your location. Absorbents have also been frequently used in spill kits and other fast response products to quickly react to a spill that occurs in either a site or water-based location.

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If you have any additional questions on our absorbent rolls or absorbent rolls ASTM standards, please contact our GEI Works sales team at +1-772-646-0597.