Absorbent for Water Seepage

Do you have Absorbents for Water in my Basement?

Question: Do you have an absorbent for water seepage or is there an absorbent that I can use to stop or absorb water seepage in my basement? It happens sometimes after heavy rains. It seeps in at the corners of the basement--enough to be annoying, not flood conditions, though.

We also were looking separately for a product that can absorb oil that is leaking around our tanks out in the back shed. Can these absorbents be multi-purpose, in the sense that they could help us with both our oil problem and our water problem?

Answer: As a general overview, our absorbent products are designed specifically for the containment of oil during spills or leaks so you can easily use it as absorbent for water seepage. While some products can absorb oil or other types of fuels, most absorbent products are equipped with specific properties that allow them to focus mostly on the absorption of oil. Many even have water repellent properties to prevent the absorbent from getting bogged down with water.

For your particular application regarding the water seepage we would recommend some cost effective home remedies. Keep a dehumidifier in the basement, waterproof the outside of your home, and after a storm, use towels.

While these products would probably not be the best option for the collection of water, they can help address your section problem of oil. Absorbents are well equipped to absorb as much as 25 times their weight in oil.

Oil Absorbent Optionsoil absorbent pad

Oil absorbents are made in a couple of different styles to help with various collection requirements. Absorbents you can find on our site include:

  • Absorbing Pads (flat wipes to absorb oil under equipment or to absorb small spills)

  • Absorbing Rolls (long roll material for lining transportation routes or long areas, can be perforated to tear)

  • Sorbent Pillow (large pillow to absorb small spills fast)

  • Absorbing Socks (tubular structure for surrounding tanks or other equipment)

  • Absorbent Boom (large boom often used in water oil containment spills and cleanup)

View all absorbents here.

If you have any additional questions regarding an absorbent for water seepage or oil please contact our sales team at +1-772-646-0597.