Oil Absorbent Booms

Spaghetti Absorbent Boom

The Spaghetti Absorbent Boom is a high strength absorbent designed to contain and remove oil in moving water areas. Constructed with components that help to address thick oil or flowing waters, these booms are the perfect solution to tough containment jobs.

Spaghetti Oil Booms feature a series of interior absorbent strips that are contained within an open cell netting. When compared to standard Floating Booms or Oil Absorbent Booms, the spaghetti model allows oil to penetrate deeper within the boom. This increases absorbancy and helps prevent spreading from a spill site. Spaghetti booms are available in diameters of either five or eight inches (5" or 8").

Spaghetti Boom Technical Specifications
Dimensions Absorbency Packaging
Included Items
5" x 10'
41 gallons
Snaps, Rings and Rope
8" x 10'
85 gallons
Snaps, Rings and Rope

Oil Absorbent Boom Features

  • Spaghetti Filler Absorbent Strips
  • Open Cell Netting
  • Deployment Rope
  • Plated Snaps and Rings
  • Standard Length: 10'
  • Diameter: 5" or 8"

Spaghetti Oil Boom Benefits

  • Allows for Deeper Oil Penetration within the Boom
  • High Absorbency Rates
  • Quick to Deploy
  • Easy to Store Around your Site
  • Perfect for Marinas, Harbors and Bays
  • Specifically Targets Oil

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Oil Absorbents and Spill Clean Up

Oil Absorbents are one of the fastest response options to oil or chemical spills in your location. Designed to be stored on site prior to a spill, these absorbents can be quickly accessed for fast response and emergency spill clean up. Models include:

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