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Above Ground Water Storage Tanks

Fiberglass Tanks for Liquid Storage

Fiberglass Above Ground TankFiberglass Above Ground Water Storage Tanks are a durable option for chemical and water storage. Fiberglass tanks will not expand or crack over time. This provides you with a long-lasting tank that can withstand elements such as rain, wind, sand, and sunlight, without deteriorating from weather conditions.

Fiberglass storage tanks can be used to store drinking water, fire suppression water, greywater, chemicals or septic in residential, commercial, agricultural or industrial applications. To fit this above ground tank to your application, a resin designed for the specific liquid you intend to store will be built into the tank to meet your requirements. If you are looking for above ground water storage tanks to store potable water, a filter is available to keep your water safe for drinking.

Fiberglass Tank Features:

  • Made from Fiberglass
  • Exterior Gel-Coated
  • No Truck-Load Requirements
  • High Strength to Weight Ratio
  • Generally, no Gravel Ring or Slab is Required
  • Resins Built to Match your Specific Application

Aboveground Liquid Storage Benefits: above ground fiberglass tank

  • Does not Deteriorate with Long-term Outdoor or Cold Exposure
  • Holds a Large Amount of Fluid but is Still Light Enough for Easy Transport
  • Fiberglass Design Prevents Cracking, Rotting, Denting, and Blistering
  • Almost no Site Prep Required
  • Can be made for Many Different Applications
  • Will Last a Long Time
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Fiberglass Tank Fittings
Standard Fittings are 0-2" Galvanized and made from 0-4" PVC
Flanged Fittings, ABS, or Other Fittings are Considered Specialty and are Extra

Fiberglass material is extremely flexible and easy to customize. Specifications vary. Storage capacities are available up to 50,000 gallons. Please call to discuss your fiberglass tank requirements. All Tanks include Inlet, Outlet, Overflow/Drain, Vent and a 20" Manway. Additional accessory options available.

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