Above Ground Water Storage Tanks

Fire Protection Tanks

corrugated steel tankOur Fire Protection Above Ground Water Storage Tanks are an integral part of fire protection systems for residential, commercial, and institutional facilities. In emergency firefighting situations, the demand for water can exceed the supply available from domestic water lines. This is especially true for suburban or rural areas served from a well with a limited delivery.

Use of an aboveground water storage tank can greatly improve emergency support efforts, and may even be required by local fire code as a secondary on-site water supply for automatic fire sprinkler systems. As an added benefit, implementation of an above ground water storage tank may provide additional discounts on insurance costs for your facility.

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Fire Water Storage Tank Design and Application

above ground water storage tanks, above ground water storage tanksFire Protection Tanks are durable, cost effective, and atmospheric (non-pressurized) water storage tanks. For areas under construction, or without existing municipal water infrastructure, our Fire Protection tanks help commercial developments meet local fire marshal code requirements by providing a water storage facility.

Our water storage tanks are designed, constructed, and installed according to "Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection" National Fire Protection Association NFPA standard No. 22.

NSF International, AWWA (American Water Works Association) or UL (Underwriters Laboratories) compliant coatings are used to provide an internal and external surface barrier against corrosion.

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Fire Suppression Tank Sizes and Capacity

Corrugated Steel Tanks

  • Volume: 787 - 294,746 gallons (2,979 - 1,749,632 L)
  • Diameter: 6' - 48' (1.8 - 14.6 m)
  • Eve Height: 3'8" - 21'5" (1.1 - 6.5 m)
  • Height: 5'2" - 33'5" (1.6 - 10.8 m)

Our corrugated steel tanks come in a variety sizes and are NFPA Compliant. Please see our corrugated steel tank dimensions page for more information on dimensions and specs.

Corrugated steel tanks can also be fitted for dual use domestic and fire water storage.

Steel Tank Dimensions

  • Volume: 185 - 60,000 gallons (700 - 227,125 L)
  • Diameter: 3'2" - 13'0" (.96 - 3.96 m)
  • Length: 3'4" - 60'6" (1 - 18.44 m)

Components such as external water stops, tank sumps, pump station mounts, fittings, and anti-vortex features are typically supplied with the tank. Additional accessories such as hard hoses, ladders, stand pipes, and steel fittings are also available. Check with your fire marshal for requirements and accessory preferences.

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