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Ox brand by GEI Oil SheenSorb Passive Skimmer

High-Capacity Oil Absorbent Pillow for Stormwater Drains

When stormwater drains, tanks, sumps, or catch basins are threatened by contamination, the OX Oil SheenSorb is a fast, easy, and economical way to rapidly absorb oil and other hydrocarbons. Great for any location that could be affected by stormwater runoff and contamination, these floating oil skimmers are capable of absorbing up to 1 gallon of hydrocarbons, making them a strategic choice to protect waters near construction sites, industrial sites, parking lots, gas/fueling stations and more.   protect your storm drain with oil passive skimmer

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Choose the OX Oil SheenSorb for:

SheenSorb Oil Passive Skimmer Stormwater BMP • A cost-effective solution for removing oil from stormwater drains
• Hassle-free installation, maintenance, and removal
• Easy transport
• A ready-to-use passive skimmer
• Fast-action, high-absorbency rates in response to contaminants
• Eliminating fear of drain blockage
• Easy compliance with NPDES and SWPPP BMP requirements

Designed specifically to adapt to fluctuations in stormwater drain levels without fear of blockage, the absorbent pillows float freely along the waterline, supported by polyethylene foam. Each passive skimmers' polypropylene absorbent fibers act swiftly to keep the waters free of hydrocarbon contaminants until reaching maximum capacity. Once it's time to remove or replace the Oil SheenSorb, the tether is easy to unfasten to lift the passive skimmer into a container for safe disposal.

Oil SheenSorb Passive Skimmer is easy to install and easy to remove
OX Oil SheenSorb Passive Skimmer Features:

• Dimensions: 20" x 9" x 2"
• Weight: 3 lbs.
• Capacity: 1 gallon per floating oil skimmer
• Red polyethylene floating foam
• White polypropylene Absorbent Fibers
• 6' Tether
• Net Casting
• Availability in packs of 2 (2-gallon capacity) and 5 (5-gallon capacity)


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