Mini Basins for Spills

Portable Spill Containment

mini basin for spillsMini Basins for Spills from GEI Works are flexible and efficient portable spill containment pools. Our mini decontamination pools are used to contain spills from small generators, gas cans, fuel tanks, pressure washers, pumps, and hoses. Spill containment pools are an excellent option to for leak containment and hazardous runoff.

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portable spill containment basinMini basins for spills are designed in a convenient, collapsible cube shape with four separate fiberglass rods. They roll up for easy storage and transportation. Mini spill trays are the choice for areas where there is a limited amount of space, but leak containment is still necessary. Our portable spill containment basins have often been used to store paint cans, tools, and other chemical equipment.

Mini Basins for Spills Benefits

  • Rolls up for Fast Transportation
  • Easy to Move when a Spill Occurs
  • Lips on all Sides to Contain Spilled Products
  • Economical
  • Multiple Colors Available

Mini basins for spills are typically made using either 22 oz. PVC material, Urethane, or Elvaloy, depending on the liquids needing containment. All materials are designed to offer a high resistance to chemical to successfully contain any spills.

  • Optional Accessories: Ground covers, drain fittings, repair kits, and storage bags.

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