FIBC Bulk Bags for Landscaping

Flexible Bulk Containers Made in the USA

Landscaping ProjectGEI Works offers FIBC bulk bags to help landscapers make changes in soil and grading with easy storage and transportation options. In landscaping, it's important to understand the site; the terrain and topography must be considered, as well as the local ecosystem. With large landscaping projects, enormous amounts of material will need to be taken out and brought it. FIBC bags can facilitate this process.

Each flexible bulk container is available with a variety of options. Bags come in both coated and uncoated fabrics, depending on the application. Corner and cross-corner loops provide easy lifting for transportation. Capacities range from 2,200 lbs. to 4,000 lbs., with U-panel, 4-panel, and circular construction models covering the scope. Multiple fabric colors are available as well, so the bags blend with the environment.

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Debris Collection

One of the first steps in landscaping an area is clearing all unnecessary debris. Tree branches, rocks, and manmade trash must be taken away before any beautification can begin. With a large capacity flexible bulk container, great amounts of debris can be gathered in one central bag for easy transportation to a disposal site. If any rocks or pebbles are going to be used as décor or for erosion control, FIBC bulk bags make excellent storage containers.

Grading, Cutting, and Filling

Filling and Transporting Bulk BagsOn occasion, a site must be reshaped before landscaping. The reshaping process is called grading. Removing earth and soil is cutting, while adding to a slope is referred to as filling. Our 1 ton bags for sale work well for either process. During the cutting process, FIBC bulk bags can be filled and easily hauled away to a filling site or storage center. When filling a slope, the bags can be delivered already filled with soil, ready to be distributed as needed.

Erosion Control

Bulk Bags in a RowLandscaping sites must adhere to many of the same erosion control regulations as construction areas. During the grading process, FIBC bulk bags can function as 1 ton sandbags, directing water flows away from the work area. They can also work as gravel bags for erosion control, lining ponds or rivers during the landscaping process to prevent the degradation of the shoreline.

For information about using our 1 ton sandbags collectively in a wall formation, see the Earth Bag Wall page.

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