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Coir Fibers1. What is coir? Why is it used in erosion control?

Coir is composed of natural fibers extracted from coconut husks. It's found between the internal shell and outer coat. When harvested from ripe coconuts, brown coir is thick and strong with high abrasion resistance. White coir fiber comes from unripe coconuts; it is smoother than brown coir but not as strong. For erosion control purposes, tough brown coir is generally used.

Coir's main erosion control advantage is being relatively waterproof. It is resistant to saltwater damage, so coir can be submerged without rapid degradation. This means coir can be used to stabilize slopes, beaches, and streambanks without taking on water damage.

2. Are coir products biodegradable?

Yes, since coir is a natural fiber, it is 100% biodegradable. Over the course of a coir product's life, it can be consumed by microorganisms in the soil. This breakdown enriches the soil with no adverse effects to local plants or wildlife. Since coir products have a relatively long lifespan, this process can help fertilize areas for years.

Coir is one of the many types of Biodegradable Products that we offer. Our Biodegradable Stakes can be used with coir products installation.

3. How long do coir products last?

The lifespan of coir logs and wattles generally run between 2 and 6 years. Coir geotextiles have a wider range, depending on the type of coir blankets used. Temporary mats will last from 9-24 months, taking into account the water flows and plant life in the area. Other coir blankets last around 4-6 years.

Coir Blankets and Logs Job Site4. How many different coir products do you have available?

GEI Works offers a wide variety of coir erosion control products. We have blankets, mats, logs, blocks, and wattles, and much more to fit any project's erosion control needs.

5. Do your products come pre-seeded?

No, we currently do not offer any erosion control products that are pre-seeded. However, you can certainly use any of our products with vegetation and seeds. We recommend using native vegetation in any seeding project, so the existing ecosystem isn't disrupted.

FAQ Coir Products Installation6. How do I seed an area with coir products?

Seeding an area while using coir products greatly depends on the location, slope, water flow, and coir products in use. When using coir in conjunction with seeding, coir logs or blankets are typically used.

Two different methods are used when seeding with coir logs. The log may be seeded directly using plant plugs. Alternatively, plants and seeds can be installed immediately upslope of the logs. This allows vegetation to grow without further erosion.

With coir blankets and mats, the seeding method depends on the type of mat. Open-weave mats feature larger holes that plants can grow through, allowing the seeding to happen either before or after plant installation. Coir mats with netting are thicker with less open spaces, so seeding occurs before mat installation. Now, the seeds will grow through the matting, while keeping the structural stabilization of the mat intact.

7. How do I know which erosion control coir geotextile to use?

The choice between coir geotextiles depends on multiple factors. The timeline of the project is the first consideration. Erosion control coir mats can last from 9 months to 6 years, depending on the style and thickness. The second factor is the slope of the area. Steeper slopes require heavier coir blankets with smaller netting openings to keep the soil and plants in place. The final consideration is water flow. Similar to slope, more water flow means a heavier blanket is needed to keep vegetation and soil from eroding away during a project.

Coir Wattle8. What is the difference between a coir log and a coir wattle?

Coir logs and coir wattles are very similar in both design and shape. Wattles are often smaller in diameter, ranging from 6" – 9", while coir logs have sizes up to 20". Coir logs are more densely packed than wattles, which are flexible and easily manipulated. As such, wattles are used more often as a filtration product, while logs work well for heavy duty stabilization.

9. How do I install coir products?

The installation of coir is dependent on the product, although preparing the site by removing debris and obstructions is necessary for all. In most cases, stakes or staples secure the product in some way. We offer detailed instructions for most coir product installation processes.

For more details on coir, visit our Coir Overview page.

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