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Coir Products for Erosion Control

Coconut Fiber Mats, Logs, Blocks & Wattles


Coir Products (also known as Coconut Fiber Products) are a natural and biodegradable solution to erosion control in any environmentally sensitive location. Constructed from coconut fibers, these products are able to provide a natural support system until vegetation is able to take root. Coconut fibers are known for their high strength and biodegradable nature, making them a favorite for wetlands, protected areas, shorelines, and more. Read about how River Bank Erosion was Solved with Coir Mats.

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Coconut Fiber Products

Coconut fibers include two different types of materials: mattress (typically used for filling) and twine (typically used for netting). These fibers have been used to construct any number of products including logs, mats, wattles, blocks, and more. Need to control erosion near a riverbank? Visit our river bank erosion control page to learn more.


Erosion Control Mats

Coconut Coir Mats are one of the most commonly used products for erosion control. Sometimes referred to as a biodegradable geotextile, these mats are available in a wide range of strengths to accommodate low level, medium, or steep slopes. Erosion mats will typically start at a rating of 400 gsm and go up in strength to as much as 980 gsm.


Logs, Wattles and Blocks

coir logsFor bank stabilization and support, coconut fiber logs, wattles, and blocks are a more popular solution. These items can be installed in rows or in a line to provide support against flowing water, tides, or hillside erosion. Items such as the coir blocks have also been frequently used as
soil lifts. Each base weight has been developed for various scenarios and is ideally suited to provide shade, strength, ventilation, and promote the ideal microclimate for rapid growth and establishment of new vegetation. Learn more about coconut coir log manufacturing. Need more information about coir blocks for a bidding project? Visit our bidding project page to learn more.

Coir logs are available in several sizes. Read more about coir bio log sizes and specifications and technical specifications for coir wattles and logs. Discover how coir logs can be used to prevent contamination from getting into a stream corridor.


Coir Fiber Questions and Construction

coir fiberWhat is coconut fiber? Coir (or coconut fiber) is derived from the husks of coconuts. Fibers are first removed and then cured to provide semi-permanent control in steep locations or high flow areas. When compared to other natural fiber products, coconut coir is one of the strongest and
most robust erosion control options available. Learn more about 12 inch coconut fiber logs.

How long does coconut fiber last? On average, the typical lifespan for all of our coconut fiber products is anywhere from 2 to 5 years. This provides enough to time for steep areas to be stabilized, while
vegetation is allowed to fully take root. As with many of our products, life spans may vary slightly depending on
your location and the water flow in the area.

Where can they be used? Our coir mats, wattles, and logs have been effectively used in any of the following

Read more information on coir logs for bank stabilization. Also, learn about how best to use coir to support the success of your replanting project.


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Growth of Coconut Fiber Use

Coir GeotextileThe use of natural coconut fiber has grown rapidly over the past decade due to its
effectiveness and 100% biodegradable and non-invasive design. Rather than using a synthetic material, these blankets offer a natural option that will not harm wildlife or surrounding ecosystems. Natural fiber products have been commonly used in any of the
following locations:

When compared to other erosion control and stabilization options, some of the many advantages offered by these products include the following:

  • Completely Biodegradable
  • Natural to Prevent Harm to Wildlife and Surrounding Areas
  • Tough for Long-Term Stabilization
  • Helps Facilitate Vegetation
  • Low in Cost and Easy to Ship

Other Erosion Control Products

In addition to the natural fiber materials, we also offer several non-biodegradeable geotextiles for stabilizing slopes and roads. Options for these fabrics include either a woven or non-woven material. For more information, check out the pages listed below:

woven geotextile

Woven Geotextiles

non woven geotextile

Nonwoven Geotextiles

Stormwater Management

Natural products, such as the coconut fiber logs and coconut fiber wattles, are frequently used in stormwater management applications to filter runoff as it exits your site. These natural products help to create a reliable filtration boundary around your job site that does not require removal at the end of the job.

In addition to these products, we also offer several additional options to help with stormwater filtration applications:

Check out our blog post: Know Your Options for Natural and Synthetic Erosion Control.