Air Wall Containment Spill Berms

Secondary Spill Containment

Portable Air Wall Spill Berms are perfect for compact storage and rapid response. These spill berms are available in a low profile design, 3" to 6" height for decon, or in a high profile (high capacity) design up to 24" in side-wall height. Our air sided spill berms are equipped with pressure relief valves to protect against over inflation. The portable spill containment berms can be manufactured to over 10,000 square feet in custom design!!

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Containment Berm Technical Specifications

Liner Material Dimensions (L x W x H)
22 oz PVC 10' x 20' x 4"
30 oz PVC 10' x 20' x 4"
40 oz Urethane 10' x 20' x 4"
22 oz PVC 10' x 25' x 4"
30 oz PVC 10' x 25' x 4"
40 oz Urethane 10' x 25' x 4"
22 oz PVC 12' x 30' x 4"
30 oz PVC 12' x 30' x 4"
40 oz Urethane 12' x 30' x 4"
22 oz PVC 12' x 75' x 4"
30 oz PVC 12' x 75' x 4"
40 oz Urethane 12' x 75' x 4"

Spill Berm Material Compatibility

Similar to our other spill berm options, materials used to construct these spill berms are made from a wide range of fabrics equipped to handle various liquids and storage requirements. Some of the typical liquids for storage inside these berms include the following:

  • Hydrocarbons (Decon Pools or Cleanup Material Storage)
  • Fuels
  • Waste Water
  • Industrial Fluids
  • Valve or Pipeline Liquid Containment

As seen in the sizing above, the typicaly fabrics that you will find being used on these berms include a standard PVC or Urethane material. If there is another fabric you require, please ask! We offer several different options for containment include multiple fabrics.

Air Wall Berm Advantages and Applications

As opposed to some of our other berm options, these air wall spill berms are perfect for several applications that require a light weight, cost effective unit. This has frequently included use in decon, HAZMAT or other cleanup operations. Advantages to this type of containment has included the following:

  • Light Weight and Easy to Transport
  • Fast Deployment for Cleanup Operations
  • Reliable Walls for Containing Liquids
  • High Compatibility to Several Materials