500 Gallon Diesel Trailer

Diesel Fuel Trailer for Sale

500 Gallon Diesel TrailerSpecifically designed for farm use, the 500 gallon diesel tank trailer has a steel tank compatible with Class 3 combustible materials. When there's a tractor in one field and a combine in another, the easiest solution is to bring the diesel gas to them. The dished flanged ends and single baffle system ensure safety when transporting fuel through fields. With multiple powder coat color options, the trailer is always highly visible when backing.

The small fuel tank trailer itself has a 4" channel frame with diamond plate HD fenders. For added strength, gusset plates have been included at joint points. Electric brakes are standard on one axle of the dual axle system. While not DOT-compliant for the open road, the recessed brake and tail lights provide security while moving through a ranch or farmstead. If you need a DOT-compliant trailer, please see our DOT 500 Model.

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Diesel Fuel Trailer Features
  • Steel Tank with Dished Flanged Ends
  • Single Baffle System
  • Powder Coating Color OptionsElectric Brakes
  • Lockable Equipment Box
  • 12-Volt, 20-GPM Pump
  • Multiple Color Options

Diesel Fuel Trailer Benefits
  • Even Fuel Stress on Tank
  • Highly Visible
  • Transports Diesel Easily Around Fields and Farms
  • Battery Ready
  • Secure Fuel Storage

DT 500 Diesel Tank Trailer Technical Specifications

G.V.W.R. 7,000 lbs.
Dry Weight 1,060 lbs.
Dimensions 146" L x 81" W x 70" H
Axles Two 3,500 lbs.
Tank Steel 10 ga.
Tires 205-75R15
Steel Tank Colors Green, Red, Yellow, White, and Black

Single Baffle SystemDiesel Fuel Baffle System

One of most serious issues when transporting diesel is fuel surge. When the trailer stops and starts, fuel will move back and forth within the tank, causing stress on the tank, trailer, and tow vehicle. The single baffle system in this small fuel tank trailer slows the movement of fuel by reducing the area of motion. Combined with the dished flanged ends, which decrease the stress points, the DT 500 is one of the safest trailer mounted diesel fuel tanks available.

Add-On Hose ReelAdditional Diesel Fuel Trailer Options and Add-Ons

GEI Works also offers extra and optional equipment for these portable fuel tanks on trailers. For refueling at a distance, the hose reel is convenient and keeps messy jobs from getting messier. Either a 25' or 50' hose is available, set up to work with the 20-GPM pump. Some options that can be traded out for the standard equipment include:

  • Electric Brakes on Both Axles with a Breakaway Switch
  • Mechanical Meter with Plumbing
  • 55 Gallon Tank with Pump, Hose, and Nozzle
  • High Volume, Gas-Powered Pump

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