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30 Gallon Water Bladder

Collapsible Water Tanks for Wilderness Survival Seminars

30 gallon water bladderQuestion: I'm looking for a 30 gallon water bladder to store drinking water. The drinking water is used as wilderness applications for survival purposes. The drinking water bladders will be transported via pick-up.

We have a 20 person brigade and planning to give survival seminars in the wild in Puerto Rico. We need lots of water. Can tanks be constructed in this size? How can I transport them? Please provide us pricing and freight cost.

Answer: Thank you for the inquiry about our water tanks. These collapsible water tanks are a great option for the type of water storage you are looking to achieve. Pillow tanks are available in a wide range of sizes and fabrics to meet your storage requirements and needs. Depending on the type of pickup truck transportation you are planning, different options may work better than others.

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collapsible water tanksIn general, yes, the 30 Gallon Water Bladder can be constructed to hold potable drinking water. We offer several different small-capacity tanks up to 1000 gallons for small water storage requirements. This includes a 30 gallon water bladder option. As one of our stationary Collapsible Water Tanks, these tanks can offer the following advantages:

  • NSF 61 and FDA approved for Drinking Water
  • Small and Flexible Water Storage
  • Foldable when Empty
  • Available with Different Fittings for Spreading Water

When empty, these tanks can be successfully transported by pickup truck to your location.

Collapsible Water Tanks

collapsible pickup truck water bladder tanksIf you are looking for a tank that can be transported when full to your wilderness location, the Collapsible Pickup Truck Tank would be the perfect option. These tanks are typically smaller in size (usually from 50 to 250 gallons) and are designed to placed directly on the back of a pickup truck for transportation.

Standard fittings usually include a manual vent cap, camlock or threaded fittings, although spigots may also be added. With this option, you could transport the water tank to your wilderness location and provide water to all your attendees.

Questions about the 30 gallon water bladder? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.