20 and 30 Gallon Drum Dimensions

Dimensions for 20 and 30 Gallon Drums

30 gallon drum

Looking for 20 and 30 gallon drum dimensions and specs? Take a look at our table below for dimensions and specifications for 20 and 30 gallon steel drums. (See Chart)

Our 30 gallon drums and 20 gallon drums are available in carbon steel with either an open head or closed head. Both drum types are coated with an internal corrosion inhibitor. Open head 30 gallon steel barrels can carry solids or liquids (please check the specific UN Solid and Liquid rating in the chart below). The the closed head 30 gallon steel drum features a lid with Bung fittings, and is UN rated only for liquid storage. These barrels are ideal for both transportation and storage.

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20 and 30 Gallon Drum Specifications

30 Gal Closed Head 30 Gal Open Head 20 Gal Closed Head 20 Gal Open Head
Volume* 30 US Gal 30 US Gal 20 US Gal 20 US Gal
Style Closed (Tight Head) Open Head Closed (Tight Head) Open Head
Material Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Carbon Steel
UN Liquid** 1A1/Y1.5/300 1A2/Y1.5/150 1A1/X1.2/300 1A2/Y1.2/100
UN Solid** 1A2/X200/S 1A2/X175/S
Thickness 0.9/.09/0.9 0.9/.09/0.9 1.5/0.9/1.5 0.9/.09/0.9
Fittings/Gasket Buna EPDM Buna EPDM
Closure 2" x¾ " Fittings Bolt Ring 2" x¾ " Fittings Bolt Ring
Exterior Color Black with White Top Black with White Cover Black with White Top Black with White Cover
Weight 26 lbs 26 lbs 26 lbs 21 lbs
Inside Diameter 18.25" 18.25" 18.25" 18.25"
Inside Height 27.7" 26.7" 20" 19.3"
Packaging 15 Drums 15 Drums 20 Drums 20 Drums

*Keep in mind US gallons and UK gallons (imperial gallons) are not the same. The imperial gallon is approximately 277 inches (about 4.54 litres), while the US liquid gallon is approximately 231 cubic inches (about 3.785 litres). One imperial gallon is equivalent to about 1.2 US gallons.

** Please reference UN performance packaging code for your specific needs.

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