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12 Inch Coconut Fiber Logs

Coir Logs for Natural Erosion Control

12 inch coconut fiber logs12 inch coconut fiber logs offer a natural approach to erosion control on hillsides, slopes, banks, and shorelines. When needing to control erosion in an environmentally sensitive area, erosion control methods like coconut coir fiber logs offer robust erosion control while still enriching the surrounding area.

GEI Works' 12 inch coconut fiber logs are a 100 percent all-natural coconut fiber product designed to stabilize slopes, control erosion, and help establish vegetation in your location.

Coconut fiber logs are biodegradable and have a lifespan of 2 to 5 years depending on the conditions of your site.

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12 Inch Coir Log Specifications

Dimensions 12 in. Diameter x 10 ft. Length
Unit Weight 5 lbs. / ft.
Density 7 lbs. / ft³
Outer Net 90 lbs.
Outer Net Bristle Coir Twine Net 2 in. x 2 in. Openings
Inner Core Coir Mattress Fiber

Coir Log Features

natural erosion controlEach coir log is 12 inches in diameter, 10 feet in length, and can be joined together for longer projects. Coir logs will have a lifespan of 2 to 5 years depending on your location.

  • Inner material of coir mattress fibers
  • Outer material of coir twine
  • Coir twine to connect logs

Coir Log Benefits

coir logsThe benefits of coir logs are abundant and vary depending on project and location. Coconut coir logs are easy to install and don't require removal once the project is completed. As coir logs complete their life span, they will deteriorate, enriching the surrounding area. Because of their biodegradable composition, coir logs are ideal for vegetation as they allow plants to develop deep roots and building into the existing topography of the land.

Other benefits:

  • Holds seeds and saplings in place
  • Requires no chemical treatment
  • Allows permeation by air and water

Coir logs are designed for many locations, sites, and applications to help stabilize environmentally-sensitive areas, grow vegetation or enhance the surrounding areas.

Coir Fiber Log Applications

erosion control methodsCoir fiber logs can be used on slopes with a medium waterflow for restoration projects, construction sites, and anywhere that needs stabilization and erosion control. From channel and slope restoration to riverbank stabilization, coir fiber logs present an easy-to-implement erosion control method.

Use coir fiber logs for these applications and locations:

  • Dam construction sites
  • Highway and railway embankments
  • Ski slopes and lifts
  • Pipeline construction sites
  • Wetlands restoration

Coconut coir fiber logs build into the existing structures of a location while limiting the effects of erosion. Useful in mining operations, detention ponds and high altitude construction sites, 12 inch coir logs can be connected through coir twine to meet any length your project needs.

Because of their density, coir fiber logs are designed for more permanent erosion control, although they will biodegrade eventually. Their natural qualities are an asset to environmentally unstable areas and areas that need special protection.

For more information on our 12 inch coconut fiber logs or any of our additional erosion control methods, please view our Coir Erosion Control and Geotextiles for Erosion Control pages. Check out our other erosion control methods to help with stabilization, drainage and plant vegetation, including coconut coir mats, straw blankets, and wattles.

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