1,000 Gallon DOT Diesel Fuel Trailer

DOT-Compliant Portable Diesel Fuel Tank with Pump

1,000 Gallon DOT Diesel Fuel TrailerThe 1,000 gallon DOT-compliant fuel tank is trailer-mounted and ready to work. It is constructed to meet DOT requirements for Class 3 combustible materials, so diesel fuel isn't the only liquid option to move between facilities. The round tank has dished flanged ends and a dual baffle system, causing as little stress as possible at any point of the tank. Add a heavy suction pipe that won't break, and fuel from this DOT diesel fuel trailer won't be going where unintended.

With any large agricultural, oil, or construction operation, there is equipment scattered across several locations. Keeping everything fueled and functioning is a high priority, needing a large capacity mobile diesel fuel tank that is highway ready. That is where the 1,000 gallon diesel dot trailer can help.

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DOT Diesel Fuel Trailer Features
  • 1,000 Gallon Round Tank
  • Powder Coat Finish (Five Colors Available)
  • Diesel Trailer Fuel PumpDual Baffle System
  • 12-Volt, 20-GPM Pump
  • Add-On Hose Reel Available
  • Rollover Protection System

DOT Diesel Fuel Trailer Benefits
  • Large Capacity for Long Jobs
  • Highly Visible
  • Even Fuel Surge Stress Distribution
  • Secure Fuel Storage
  • DOT-Compliant for Highways

DOT Diesel Fuel Trailer Technical Specifications

G.V.W.R. 12,000 lbs.
Dry Weight 3,200 lbs.
Dimensions 178" L x 85" W x 90" H
Axles Two 6,000 lbs.
Tank Steel 3/16" Plate Steel
Tires 235-80R16
Steel Tank Colors Green, Red, Yellow, White, and Black

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DOT Diesel Fuel Trailer Safety

DOT Trailer Roll CageThe trailer for this diesel fuel storage tank is manufactured with safety in mind. The DOT 1000 frame is made of 6" channel with diamond plate HD fenders. Electric brakes are included on both axles with a breakaway switch in case of an accident. In the event of a rollover, the R.O.P.S., or rollover protection system, protects the fuel pump and inlet valve with a heavy duty roll cage. The basic round shape of the tank is highly visible in a rearview mirror, unlike low profile, square tanks, increasing safety while backing. Even the reflective conspicuity tape adds a measure of assurance, making the DOT diesel fuel trailer one of the safest available.

Mobile Diesel Fuel Tank Baffle System

Dual Baffle SystemSurge is an important concern when transporting any type of liquid, including fuel. As the tank and trailer move, so does the diesel. To slow the movement and decrease pressure on the tank, this DOT-compliant fuel tank uses a dual baffle system. The heavy duty steel walls give the diesel less room to pick up force and stress against the tank. Combined with the round tank design and dished ends, even that stress is evenly distributed and not concentrated on any weak points. There isn't a better tank for liquid transportation.

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