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Water Tanks

Plastic Tanks, Collapsible Tanks & More

plastic tankWater tanks hold water for drinking, gray (non-potable) or black water. Container that are used for potable liquid storage must meet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and NSF61 requirements for material content.

Our Plastic Water Tanks , Bladder Tanks, cistern and cistern liners are all rated for drinking water.

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Learn More about Water Storage Tanks

vertical water tankOur water storage tanks can be made from a variety of rigid materials including:

  • Hard Plastic Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Fiberglass
  • Flexible Pillows XR-5, PVC, Urethane or other reliable materials

These materials work to provide you with water storage that is firm, reliable, and safe for potable or non-potable water applications.

Plastic Tanks

Our plastic water tanks are made from high resistance materials and are designed to avoid rust, corrosion, and other elements found in outside environments. If you plan on storing these poly tanks in outdoor locations, a green or black exterior is advised to avoid algae growth within the tank.


Collapsible Tanks

drinking water bladder tankFor large capacity water storage, a collapsible tank can also be a great choice. Manufactured from high strength industrial fabrics, these tanks can be built to store anywhere from 20 to 210,000 gallons. If these tanks will be used for drinking water, NSF 61 approved materials are used to the construct the tank.

In addition to water tanks, many other customers have looked to our geomembrane liners to help them with leaky cisterns or to line their ponds.

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Rain Water Collection

flexible cistern tanksRain collection barrels are becoming more popular daily as people want to reuse natural rain from roof runoff to irrigate and ensure valuable landscaping is saved in the dry seasons. The rain water pillow is an ideal solution for home owners, builders and commercial property owners who want to reduce there utility use overhead.

Reserve Water Supply

Water tanks are used for primary storage of purified drinking water or as secondary storage for reserve water for wild fire fighting, emergency water supply or even fire sprinklers capacity enhancement. Reserve water storage is a fast growing market where supply is sporadic or pressure is not sufficient to meet the FM fire code.

Our bladders have been used in residential buildings and commercial application to reduce the risk of fire and also costly insurance.

Drinking Potable H2O

cistern tank linerTanks are very important in drought prone areas where fresh potable drinking water supply is limited. Water is often stored above ground or below ground in cisterns. Recycling and reusing this natural resource is achieved through the use of filtration, reverse osmosis,chemical treatment, boiling or sterilization kits.

Algae growth, insects and debris infiltration into the storage containers is a challenge and using appropriate mesh fittings and filters will reduce particles entering the supply. Growth inside the tanks can be reduced by periodic cleaning and treatment. If this cannot be purified the grey water can be reused for toilet flushing or irrigation.

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