Chemical And Water Tank Accessories

Plastic Tank Accessories

Tie Down Kits, Lids, Risers and Outdoor Storage Covers

Request a Quote for Outdoor CoverChemical and water tank accessories such as covers and tie down kits can be a great addition to any plastic tank. Whether you are looking for lid and riser combinations for you septic tanks, covers for drum pallets, or a way to secure your tank to the ground, you've come to the right place!

To protect drums and pallets from causing polluted stormwater runoff due to a light or heavy rain storm, outdoor covers can secure tightly to these units and shield them from the elements. Attaching firmly to the bottom of a drum or pallet through its elastic bottom, these covers will effectively reduce the risk of pollution. For other types of security, tie down kits using a wire cable that has been coated in PVC are also.

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Water and Septic Tank Accessories

manhole extensionFeatures:

  • Manhole Extensions
  • Lid and Riser Combinations
  • Septic and Water Tank Lid


  • Provides Customization of your Septic Tank
  • Lids Contains Fluids Inside
Water and Septic Tank Accessories
Part Number Item Description
 TN1001TA    Manhole Extension 15"H x 20"  
 TN1003TA    Manhole Extension 24" H x  
 TN1004TA    20" Lid & 12" Riser  
 TN20XXTL    20" Septic and Water Tank Lid  


Outdoor Accessories

Outdoor Storage CoverFeatures:

  • Elastic Bottom
  • Large See-Through Pocket
  • Available for 2 or 4 Drum Storage Cover


  • Secures Tightly to Storage Unit
  • Protects Drums and Pallets from Rain, Wind, Soil and More
  • Prevents Contaminated Stormwater Runoff
Outdoor Storage Covers
Part Number


Tie Down Kits

tie down kitsFeatures:

  • PVC Coated Wire Cable
  • Adjustable Steel Turn Buckles


  • Economical
  • Will Keep Tank in Place for any Non-Seismic Conditions
  • Secures that Structure To the Ground
Tie-Down Kits (Non-Seismic)
Contact sales office for detail on Seismic Restraint Kits
Part Number Item Description
 TC1700TK    1700 or Less  
 TC2000TK    2000 to 3200  
 TC3600TK    3600 and Larger