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MARS Gray Water Tanks

Gray Water Storage Bladder USA Made Water Tanks

The MARS gray water tank is a convenient way to temporarily store non-potable water including gray water, waste water, production fluids, frac liquids, process liquids and agricultural spray materials. Designed to offer high strength even when used outdoors or with chemicals, these tanks are constructed from a range of fabrics that can handle both water and UV exposure. All tanks come standard with two 2" fittings for fill/discharge.

Common Uses of MARS Gray Water Tanks:

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  • Gray water storage in remote locations or campsites
  • Military bases
  • Construction job sites
  • During catering events
  • Storage for laundromats and latrines
  • Frac water storage
  • Mining and oil field locations
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MARS Gray Water Storage Tank Advantages

MARS flexible gray water bladder tanks are an industry favorite due to their low-cost shipping, easy storage, and quick set up time. These tanks are perfect for locations with height restrictions, low profiles, or small footprint requirements. We manufacture MARS collapsible water storage tanks from 25 gallons - 210,000 gallons. Each MARS liquid storage tank is made in the USA and undergoes a rigorous 4 point inspection before shipping. Questions? Call our team at+1-772-646-0597.

flexible tankFeatures:

  • Fabric: elvaloy, PVC or urethane
  • (1) Fill/Discharge fitting on top of tank
  • (1) Fill/Discharge fitting on the side of the tank
  • See available sizes


  • Durable in indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Folds flat for easy storage and transport
  • Can be low visibility
  • Stays strong during extended exposure to gray water flexible tank
  • Easy to set up
  • Barrel Ends - Rounded Corners Available
  • Custom sizes may be accomodated

Packaging: Packaging of these water bladder tanks is very important on the intended use and mobility requirements. We offer a variety of solutions based on your application like carry bags, totes, wooden treated crates, or as specified (additional costs may apply for packaging)

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