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Water Baffle

Polishing pond with aquatic plant filteringThe Water Baffle is used in industrial and municipal waste water treatment process plants to control and improve water quality in a treatment plant. Typically constructed from impermeable PVC, these barriers have worked to improve BOD, lower TSS (total suspended solids) and lower thermal control exchange in water treatment plants.

Water control baffles are designed with the fabric, dimensions and specifications necessary to extend treatment times and improve overall water quality. Additional products such as Lagoon Liners and Floating Ponds covers are also available to complete your waste water management project. without water flow control baffles, price quote

Water Treatment Before and After

Water Circulation Prior to Baffle Treatment:

The image to the right is an example of treatment ponds and lagoons with ineffective dead water space, as the flow short circuits across the treatment lagoons and exits.

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After Water Control Baffle Placement:

Water flow controlled and full pond utilization, price quote
By simply placing our engineered baffle in a treatment pond, flows can be can be redirected and controlled across the entire pond area. This results in better BOD and TSS levels, ensuring that plants stay within their permit levels and avoid costly shutdowns.

Well controlled water flow can be extremely useful in saving you both time and money.

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Additional information on the water control baffles can be found on any of the following pages. Water Baffle Specifications , Product Description , and how to anchor baffles.

WWTP Baffle profile

General Profile view and shore anchor arrangement for floating WWTP lagoon baffles.

baffle to shore connection


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Additional Information & Products:

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