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Question: Do you have a water tank on wheels that can be towed by an SUV? I am looking for a 500 gallon trailer mounted water tank.

Answer: Thank you for contacting GEI Works! For your specific water tank on wheels request, we recommend the 500 Gallon Argo Water Tank. Each Argo water trailer is made in the USA and delivered turn-key and ready for operation. Watch below how efficient and easy our trailer mounted water tanks are.

Argo Mobile Water Tank Trailer

DOT Approved Water Transport | Argo Water Tanks on Wheels

This water tank is on a trailer which iswater trailer fully DOT compliant for use on public roadways. Powered by a 4hp gasoline engine, the 2" pump allows flexibility in contorlling the force and range of the water flow. From wide spray applications to spot hose concentrated flows, water tanks on wheels are easy to use and dependble. Our trailer mounted water tanks are also often used for dust suppression and arena spraying. See our product flyer with detailed drawings, or check out our full product page.

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Additional Portable Tank Options

If you are additionally looking for a water tank that can be mounted or placed on medical vehicles, we have several additional Portable Water Tank options you could consider. Due to the chance of bumping and constant movement, tanks are usually made from a poly materials for high resistance and ability to hold up to various mobile applications. pickup truck tank

Plastic tank options for water transportation include:

  • Pickup Truck Tanks: These pickup truck models are a favorite for this type of watertransportation and are available in multiple capacities up to 425 gallons. These mobile plastic tanks feature a unique design for added stability during transport. All tanks should fit in the back of a standard pickup truck tank.
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  • Transport Tanks: We also have a rectangular transport tank that can be placed in the back of multiple vehicles.

We do also offer a collapsible pickup truck tank that can be placed in the back of pickup trucks and other transportation vehicles. These tanks will typically be constructed in capacities up to 250 gallons.


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