Types of Water Storage Tanks & Liquid Storage

What are the types of water storage tanks, and which type of storage tank do you need? To help clarify the process of selecting the best type of liquid storage tanks for you, we have created a tank selection guide. There are many important factors to consider when selecting the best storage tank for your application. See the chart below for a comparison of these factors to help you in choose the best option for your project from GEI Works' selection of storage tanks. Still not sure which type of storage tank you need? Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or send us a message and our experts can hep.

GEI Works

Liquid Storage Tank Selection Guide USA Made

Tank Type Corrugated Steel Tank Welded
Steel Tank
PolyTank Pillow /
Bladder Tank
All Tanks Suitable for Potable, Non-Potable, Gray or
Black Water Process or Chemical Water (SDS MAY BE REQUIRED)
Diesel, Jet A, Kerosene? no yes no no yes yes yes
Waste Oil? no yes yes yes yes yes yes
Gasoline? no yes no no no no no
Pressurized Applications? no yes** no no no no no
Underground Burial? no yes*** yes yes†† no no no
Suitable for DOT Transport? no no no yes no no no
Size Range:
(In Gallons)
700 to 4,000,000 350 to
300 to 40,000 5 to 20,000 250 to
300 to
500 to 5,000
Fitting (inches) ^ 2 to 12 2 to 12 2 to 12 2 to 4 2 2 2
Standard Materials Galvanized Steel Carbon Steel, Various Gauges Fiberglass Polyethylene or Polyurethane Reinforced PVC or Elvaloy Reinforced PVC or Elvaloy Reinforced PVC
or Elvaloy
Speciality Materials Wood Panel Exterior Stainless, Tar or Fiberglass Clad UV Gel Coat N/A Portable Elvaloy, Urethens, Colors Portable Elvaloy, Urethens, Colors Portable Elvaloy, Urethens, Colors
Foot Print to Volume low:low low:med low:med low:high med:high med:med med:high
Shipping Considerations
Folds Flat no no no no yes yes yes
Comes in Sections yes no no no no no yes
Cost Range ++ low:high low: high med:high low:high low:high med:med med:med
Longevity ++ 20+ years 20+ years 20+ years 20+ years 3 months
to 5+ years
3 months
to 5+ years
3 months
to 5+ years
Approx. Lead-Time (weeks) ++ 2 to 6 2 to 16 4 to 12 Stock-6 1 to 3 1 to 3 2 to 4
Installation Available? Yes* No No No No N/A N/A

*Corrugated tank warranty is ratified by having a GEI Works authorized supervisor on site to assist your install team, or a full GEI approved installation.
** Please verify working pressure requirements
*** Specify depth and contents
† Specify if drive rating required
†† Poly septic tanks only
‡ DOT water trailers available in 500 and 1025 gallon
++Cost Range - depends on size, coatings, accessories, specs, fittings | Longevity depend on materials environmental conditions and UV Exposure | Lead times - Depends on size and quantity
^Special sizes and types avialable

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Types of Water Storage Tanks & Liquid Storage Tanks

Corrugated Steel Tanks

Corrugated Steel Tanks aCorrugated Steek Tank USA Madere known for being economical, durable, long-lasting and versatile. Made from galvanized corrugated steel, they come in a wide array of sizes and can be customized to fit specific project needs. Learn more about corrugated steel tanks.

Welded Steel Tanks

welded steel tankWelded Steel Tanks are a reliable choice for long term storage, and are available in a many different sizes and shapes to suit specific types of applications. Learn more about welded steel tanks.

Fiberglass Tanks

Fiberglass fiberglass tankstanks are durable and will not rust or corrode. It is highly temperature resisant and is available with a choice of coatings for optimum performance with your liquid storage needs. Learn more about fiberglass tanks.

Poly Tanks

These poly tplastic water tanksanks can be used in a variety of different applications, including drinking water storage and rainwater collection. Tanks include above ground tanks, mobile tanks, wastewater tanks, and others. Learn more about poly tanks.

Pillow (Bladder) Tanks

bladder tanks emergency water

Collapsible tanks (also known as pillow, bladder, or blivet tanks) are a unique solution for re-usable temporary storage. Learn more about collapsible pillow tanks.

Onion Tanks

emergency water storageOnion tanks are perfect for quickly storing water during emergency events. They are self-rising (see video) with easy to access fittings. Can be moved and set up in minutes. Learn more about onion tanks.


frame tank emergency liquid storageFrame tanks are a flexible storage option for fast and easy use. They can quickly be unfolded and filled, and visa versa. Learn more about frame tanks.

Water Trailers

pillow tankArgo DOT approved mounted water tank trailers are delivered ready for operation. Great for dust suppression, agricultural use, water transport and more. Learn more about water tank trailers.

Rental Tanks

water tank rentalOur Port-a-Pond water tank rentals are for temporary large capacity liquid storage. Easy installation and significant cost savings make these a great option. Learn more about Port-a-Pond tank rentals.

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