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High Efficiency Heavy Duty | USA Made | Water Tank Trailer

Argo Water Sprayer Tank Trailer

All Argo water tank trailers (also known as water buffalos tanks, or water wagons), are DOT approved and come fully ready for operation. These turn-key water tank trailers are perfect for all types of water hauling applications including dust suppression, small fire fighting, landscaping, irrigation, vegetation spraying, and general water transport. Request a QuoteSee full product page.

Each Water Wagon Tank Trailer Includes:

  • Tandem axle trailer
  • 500 gallon or 1025 gallon poly tank
  • DOT approved electric surge brakes
  • LED brake lights
  • Pump with Honda engine
  • Attachable filter for water intake from
    ponds or other water sources
  • Pressure treated deck
  • 25 foot fire hose and nozzle
  • Spray bar with brass nozzles
  • Low volume water bibb
  • Accessories storage box
  • Wheel wells with full fenders

If you have any questions, please call our team at

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See our product flyer for more information and a detailed drawing. Custom sizes and specificaitons can be arranged, speak with a product specalist about your requirements.

As depicted in our water hauling trailer video, Argo water hauling trailers are an industry favorite for their reliable operation and heavy duty design. We build water tanks that are made in the USA with the highest attention to detail that will provide a long lasting reliable performance you can count on. Learn more on our full water sprayer tank trailer product page. The 4 horsepower Honda engine drives the pump to power the water sprayer, and multiple spray options give you the option for wide or concentrated coverage.

Questions? Not sure if this water buffalo tank is right for you? Call our team at
+1-772-646-0597, or submit a form and request pricing

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