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Turbidity Curtain Price

Type 1 Economy Curtain usa made

The Type 1 Economy Curtaintype 1 silt barrier is a reliable and cost-effective way to contain silt and turbidity in your location. Made from a 13 oz. impermeable fabric material, these curtains are designed for calm water locations where curtains that meet DOT requirements are not needed.

Economy Type 1 curtains are perfect for short term projects, project in low depth areas or projects in calm water locations. Request a Quote

Type 1 Economy Curtain Technical Specifications

Product: Type 1 Turbidity Curtain, Economy Model (13 oz.)

Description: Type 1 Curtain for calm water jobs where a DOT curtain is not required. Applications will typically include lakes, ponds, canals and roadside ditches.

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Standard Sizing

50' L x 5' D or 100' L x 5' D

Multiple sections joined together through grommets.
Depths from 3' to 100' also available.

Water Conditions Calm Water
Material 13 oz. PVC Impermeable
Float 6"
Skirt Depth 5'
Ballast Chain 3/16" Ballast Chain
Load Carrying Components Fabric & 3/16" galvanized ballast chain (3,000 lb. break strength)
Ballast 0.41 lb./ft. Galvanized Chain
Color Yellow

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To learn more about the diffences between the different types and grades of turbidity curtains, please see our selection guide.


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