Turbidity Curtain Repair or Replacement

Turbidity Curtain Repair

Testimonial on turbidity curtain repair. Our company Northwind , Inc. had to recently replace an existing turbidity curtain for control of suspended silt on the Weekly Bayou near Eglin Air force Base in Florida. The existing silt barrier was not functional anymore and we searched for a resource that could guide us to the correct silt control product and Granite Environmental Turbidity Curtains fit the bill.

We explained the situation and their technical sales lake turbidity curtain staff providedan accurate assessment and it was a pleasure to work with their team. We did not have any issues with silt migration and stayed well within the project scope. The picture is of the Turbidity barrier supplied by Granite Environmental, Inc and it clearly shows how well it works.

Kevin Mullen, Northwind, Inc.
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Thanks for the feedback, Kevin! Silt and Turbidity Curtains are an excellent choice for control of suspending silt. Once installed in your location, curtains can work to contain turbidity and silt to a specific area on your location. By keeping the silt in one place and preventing it from spreading, the area can contain potential pollution and help reduce settling times along the barrier.

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In general, most turbidity curtains are made from robust materials can be used for extended periods of time. They are not, however, everlasting. If you are working with a barrier (such as the testimonial above) that is no longer functioning correctly, please consider purchasing a new silt curtain. Having these barriers functioning on their top ability is the only way to ensure that materials are being properly contained.

When looking for turbidity curtain repair or replacement options, also consider the unit as a whole. Turbidity curtains often feature the use of several sections that are connected together to form a required length. If only one section of the barrier is in need of repair, options may include replacing only that one section.

Please feel free to contact use for additional information regarding these turbidity curtains and how they can be used in your location.

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If you have any additional questions regarding turbidity curtain repair or replacement, please contact our Granite Environmental sales team at +1-772-646-0597.