Triangular Silt Dike

Silt Dike

triangular silt dikeThe Triangular Silt Dike is a synthetic alternative to standard coir silt checks or hay bales. Constructed using a combination of geotextile fabric and urethane foam, these silt dikes provide a more robust structure that can support continuous use in streams, channels, runoff ponds and other storm water collection areas.

Standard design of the silt dike features a triangular urethane foam placed inside of a geotextile fabric cloth. Along either side of the foam is an erosion control skirt that helps to prevent further erosion during currents or flows. Triangular Silt Control Systems can be used along perimeters or as silt checks to control erosion. For added support, U-shaped wire staples can also be used to secure the skirt or curtain into place.

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Triangular Silt Dike Specifications

Ultra-Silt Dike®
Part Number Dimensions Weight
950-9712 84" L x 67" W x 10.5" H
(2,134 mm x 1,702 mm x 267 mm)
8 lbs.
(3.5 kg)

*Optional U-Shaped Staples Available (Part# 9714)


triangular silt dikeFeatures:

  • Outer Fabric: Woven PP Geotextile
  • Interior: Urethane Foam
  • Aprons Placed on Either Side of the Dike
  • Connect Together to Form Larger Units


  • Installs in Minutes
  • Easy to Make Larger Sizes
  • Great for Use in Check Dams, Streams, and Ponds
  • Robust Alternative to Standard Check Dams
  • Controls Both Silt and Bottom Layer Erosion

How Does This Product Keep you in Compliance?

  • Blocks Sediment, Oil, and more from Contaminating Water
  • Helps Prevent Erosions Failures and can be used in Rough Terrains
  • Can be used as a SWPPP Solution
  • Often used as a Stormwater BMP

For natural fiber silt dike options, check out the Coir Silt Check.


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