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Is there a Trash Incinerator I can
use on my Ranch?

Question: I am looking for a trash incinerator for my ranch that I manage in New Mexico. We have always burned our trash in a burn barrel, but we recently found out that is it illegal. We are very remote and there is no trash service. So I am trying to find an incinerator that we can buy that is compliance with local regulations.

It must be a combustion chamber that is preferably either diesel or propane. We have both diesel fuel and bulk propane on site.


Request a Price QuoteThank you for contacting us! We do have a Small Scale Incinerator that could help you with your disposal needs. This incinerator uses a dual chamber combustion system that allows you to burn your trash materials in a method that is safe for this kind of process.

External Requirements

The fuel tank located on this incinerator is a 25 gallon unit that is equipped for either diesel or #25 fuel oil. In addition to this, the incinerator does also have an electrical requirement of either 120 VAC, 25 amp. To start the incinerator process, all you would have to do fill up the gas tank, plug in the unit, shut the materials inside, and start the incineration process.

An additional bonus for this particular incinerator is that it is portable. This can come in handy as it allows you to move the incinerator to where it will be most convenient to use. It also makes the incinerator easier to store as it can be stored and used in two different locations.

This trash incinerator has the following features and dimensions:

  • Primary Chamber
  • Secondary Chamber
  • Diesel Tank
  • Control System
  • Electrical Requirements

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