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Coir Log Spec Question regarding the coir log technical specifications. coir wattles and logs

"I am bidding a job requiring coir logs. Do you have a distributor in South Western CT? I also need specific dimensions of the logs (length, weight, etc). "

Answer: Thanks for asking. Our GEI Works sales office is located in Florida, USA. We ship out the coir wattles and coir logs from the manufacturing location closest to your shipping address. Depending on the product, we often have several different locations that may be close to your area. Our GEI coir logs come in a 10 feet length with diameters of 12" (1.45 lbs/linear feet), 16" (2.59 lbs/linear feet), or 20" (4.04 lbs/linear feet). The 10 foot length is standard due to its weight and ability to be easily installed in your location. All coir fibercoir wattles and logs products are biodegradable and 100% natural. Density of the coir log will usually bepacked to offer 9 pounds per cubic foot. This is standard for all diameters with the exception of the 12" log. This log is offered in both a density of 9 pound per cubic foot and 7 pounds per cubic foot.

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Coir Material: The coir material is a fabric that is created from the husk of coconuts during coconut harvesting. When used in the coir log, materials used will include: Bristle Coir Twine (used on the outer netting) Mattress Coir (used to stuff the log) If you have further questions regarding coir log technical specifications.

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