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Products for Erosion Control

Soil erosion control products are designed to help with erosion control along banks, streams, slopes and other erosion prone areas. Products offered include biodegradable options, such as coconut coir or straw blankets, as well as synthetic options such as woven and nonwoven geotextiles. Please feel free to browse through our selection below to find the best option for erosion control in your location.

coir materialNatural Coir Fibers

Coir/Straw Mats
Coir/Straw Blankets

woven geotextilesGeotextile Fabric

Non Woven

Soil Erosion Control Prevention Products:

coir fiber mat coir silt check coir wattle
Erosion Control Mats Silt Check Coir Wattles
coir weed mat coir blocks coir logs
Coir Weed Mat Coir Blocks Coir Logs

Woven Geotextiles:

soil erosion, soil erosion preventionStabilization and Separation:

Erosion Control:

Non Woven Geotextiles:

Drainage and Filtration:
soil erosion, soil erosion prevention

Asphalt Overlay

Environmental Applications:

Separation and Underlayment:

Not sure which geotextile will work best for you? Check out our Geotextile Functions Page.

Rain Water Storage Tank, Rainwater Collection, Rain Water Storage Tanks, Questions about soil erosion control products?
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Erosion Control Products

As seen above, erosion control products consist of both natural fibers and synthetic fabrics. Depending on the materials used and environmental factors, some fibers will last longer than others during the soil erosion control process.

Coir Geotextile, Geotextile, geomembrane liners, non-woven geotextile, pond linersNatural Fiber Products: As a reliable alternative, natural fiber products are able to effectively control erosion and stabilize areas for short-term periods of time. Often used in conjunction with seeds or vegetation, these mats stabilize the areas until vegetation and other materials have a chance to take root. Over time, vegetation will become a natural erosion control barrier and the matting wil biodegrade to enrich the surrounding soils. Natural fiber products include the following:

Geotextiles, on the other hand, are constructed from synthetic fibers used to support the soil or other materials underneath roads, rip rap and more. Geotextiles typically feature either a woven or nonwoven construction. Woven fibers are used in separation and stabilization applications, while non woven fabrics are ideal for areas needing increased filtration.

Soil Erosion Control Facts:

Erosion is the process of weathering and transport of solids (soil) from their original source to somewhere else. This process takes many forms. Soil can be eroded by wind, water, ice, down slope creep (gravity) or even living organisms (bio-erosion).


See our full range of Erosion Control Products

A major factor affecting soil erosion is the amount and type of ground cover. Ideal soil contains a mineral layer protected by a litter layer, and finally an organic layer. When the litter layer is removed, soil is more susceptible to erosion. To learn more, visit our page on the causes of soil erosion.

The use of natural or synthetic fiber has greatly helped to increase the strength of banks, roads, and rip rap areas. This has, in turn, helped to limit the amount of erosion present in various areas.


Natural Fiber Erosion Control Options

coir erosion control

Erosion Control - Sediment Control:

Soil Bio-Engineering:

Looking for Stormwater Managements Products that can help prevent erosion control? Check out our variety of BMPs including Construction BMPs and Stormwater Solutions. Learn how erosion control can Affect our Watersheds!

erosion control

Become an Erosion Control "Expert"

Don't let your knowledge erode! Soak up the ins and out of erosion control and the geotextile products used.

Brush Up on the Types of Erosion:

Beach ErosionCoastal Erosion Soil ErosionWater Erosion
Wind ErosionRiver Bank ErosionWeathering and Erosion

Learn About the Causes and Solutions:

Causes of Soil ErosionWays to Prevent Soil ErosionRiver Bank ProtectionSoil Erosion Control NettingErosion Control Woven GeotextileErosion Control Non Woven Fabric

Master the Specifics of Geotextiles:

Geotextile Fabric OverviewGeotextile Material SelectionGeotextile ApplicationGeotextile TypesSkit FilmGeotextile FunctionsGeotextile TestingGeotextile ComparisonGeotextile InstallationGeotextile CertificationGeotextile DOT InformationGeotextile AASHTO InformationGeotextile Fabric for Dirt Roads




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