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Small Scale Incinerators

Portable Medical Waste Incinerators
& Police Station Drug Incinerators

Small scale incinerators are a reliable way to dispose of solid waste, pollution, drugs, trash, medical waste and other contaminanted materials. Made from a range of reliable materials, these incinerators have been effectively used for disposal, general site refuse and other types of waste. Models include the Vulcan 0.3 and the Little Vulcan Drug Barrel Burner.

medical waste incinerator
  • Medical Waste
  • Drug Disposal
  • Small Scale Solid Waste
drug disposal incinerator
  • Police Stations
  • Law Enforcement
  • Custom Officials
Vulcan 0.3 Incinerator Little Vulcan

Police Station Drug Incinerators

drug disposal incineratorLittle Vulcan Police Barrel Burner: The Little Vulcan Portable Drug Incinerator is a great choice for law enforcement, police stations, and other government officials. Designed exclusively for law enforcement, these incinerators have been used for confiscated drugs, paraphernalia, and more.

When compared to other options, the 55 gallon portable incinerators can offer increased transportation, easy loading, and low-cost drug disposal around your facility.


Standard Small Scale Units

medical waste incinerator
Small Incinerator

Medical Waste Disposal Incinerators: Medical Waste Incinerators are an easy way to eliminate medical waste from small hospitals, clinics, laboratories, veteranarian offices and other small facilities. Designed with dual chambers, these units can quickly, easily, and effectively dispose of hazardous materials.

Trash Incinerators: The trash incinerator is a large scale unit designed to effectively dispose of unwanted waste. Used as an alternative to open pit burns, these incinerators have been used for construction sites, mining camps, job sites, oil drilling operations, islands trash disposal, truck stops, military installations, and more.

Drug Incinerators: The Vulcan 0.3 Incinerator has also been used as an option for large scale evidence and drug disposal.

Additional Incinerator Information

EPA Standards of Performance: For New Stationary Sources and Emission Guidelines for Existing Sources: Hospital/Medical/Infectious Waste Incinerators.

Types of Waste: Learn the Types of Waste for Combustion and how they are Classified.

Environmental Monitoring Technology: Guarding Data Acquisition System

CFR Title 40 Part 60: Requirements and Exemptions for Small Scale Incinerators


These portable incinerators are designed for use of use and have been used in various locations to help dispose of trash, confiscated materials, medical waste and more.

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) was enacted by Congress in 1976 and amended in 1984. The act's primary goal is to protect human health and the environment from the potential hazards of waste pollution disposal. In addition, RCRA calls for conservation of energy and natural resources, reduction in waste generated, and environmentally sound waste management practices.

Trash Recovery and DisposalA close second to recycling, combustion is has proven to be very viable for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) reduction and has helped reduce the amount of landfill space needed. Large Combustion facilities now burn MSW at a high temperatures, reducing waste volume, generating electricity and providing heat.

We have adopted the same proven system with our small scale incinerators; we can create free heat to warm a building with our Heat Recovery Unit. It's easy to use too.... Simply install Heat Recovery unit outside, where it pulls in fresh, clean air, and passes through the heat exchanger and the powerful air blowers force the air into existing ducting and warm your building!!


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