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Dewatering Filter Bags for Dredging Projects

Question on Sediment Disposal Products: We are now working on some dredging and sediment disposal projects for ponds and rivers in China. We are interested in your dewatering bags for sediment or sludge. Is the bag only for for disposal or can it be used multiple times? dewatering bags

Answer: Hello! This is an excellent question and I'd be happy to provide you with more information on our products for sediment disposal.

Sediment Disposal Projects:

Our Dewatering Bags are made from durable geotextile filtration fabric suitable for removal of sediment and oily waste water sheen. Each bag is sewn with multiple seams and can accommodate up to a 4" pipe in the hose sock making this the perfect filter bag whether you are pumping into a dumpster or on the ground!

The Geotextile Tubes, by contrast, are ideal for filtering large amounts of materials. They have been used extensively on Water Treatment projects (WWTP’s), agricultural ponds, aquaculture facilities, pulp and paper mills and numerous industrial lagoons for consolidation of media.

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Can Dewatering Bags and Tubes be Reused?

For standard bags, in theory, yes, they can be reused. However it is an extensive task. The sediment must be removed, without damaging the bag, after it has completely dried. A smaller bag would be manageable, but still daunting. Most users will simply cut the bag when finished and shovel out the sediment for disposal. Some customers will simply throw the entire bag into the dumpster with the sediment. So ultimately, if you have the time and manpower, they can be cleaned and reused, but it is not frequently done.

New Reusable Bag

reusable dewatering bagAs a new addition to our sediment disposal products, we do now offer a reusable dewatering bag through our webstore (

This Ultra-Dewatering Bag® is designed to ease the process described above by creating a bag with a pre-cut hole in one side. This side is then clamped shut through the use of retainers while the bag is use. After use, remove the retainer and the bag can be easily emptied and cleaned.


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