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Sediment Filter Bags and Tubes to Remove Sediment from Ponds

Question about the sediment bags: I am interested in using these bags to trap and remove sediment from ponds. Do you have any experience with such an application? I estimate that most ponds will be 1000 cu/yd and greater.


Thanks for contacting Granite Environmental! We do have experience with using sediment filter bags to trap and remove sediment from ponds. Let me tell you a bit about our sediment bags, also called dewatering bags.

dewatering bagsGranite offers two options for dewatering operations; dewatering bag, also known as dirt bag or silt bag for sediment and Geotextile Sludge and Sediment Filter Tubes for dredging spoils, lagoon sludge and slurry. The geotextile tubes are significantly larger in size, and have been used by WWTP and other locations as an economical solution to standard dewatering practices.

If you are only looking for the containment of sediment and your pond area is not too large, multiple dewatering bags can be a good choice for your location. Our sediment dewatering and filter bag is fabricated using heavy duty needle punched filter fabric (non-woven geotextile) which provides high permittivity (water flow) and a fine pore structure that allows water to flow through freely, while preventing fine soils from piping through.

Other options are woven Monofilament (polypro or PE), which are ideal for high flow, rugged, high tensile applications.

dewatering tubeIf your location is larger, or you are looking for a single bag to hold all your sediment, you can also consider the sediment filter tubes. These units are larger and can be used for large sediment projects.

Either of these dewatering products can be used to help keep within NPDES phase II and Clean Water Act compliance and avoid shut downs and/or fines for not removing material like sediment and organics from pumped water and possibly exceeding TSS permit levels.

Sediment bags and tubes are ideal for aquaculture use, composting or site remediation, and for pumping sediment laden water into where it is filtered and the water passes through the non-woven geotextile, which retains the sediment and oil too!

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If you have any additional questions, please contact our Granite Environmental sales team at +1 (772) 646-0597 or TOLL FREE at: (+1) 888-703-9889

granite environmental Another great customer service job by Granite Environmental's tech team!


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