Sand Bags | Poly or Burlap for Economical Flood Control

Sand Bags for Flood Control

Flood Control Sand Bag

When floods hit your area, Sand Bags can provide you with the strength and support you need to limit the amount of flood damage in your transport, these sandbags are a great option for use along banks, homes or businesses.

Sandbags are made using either a high UV poly or burlap material. These strong materials work to keep sand contained, while simultaneously controlling or limiting the flow of water.

These water control bags are incredibly light in weight, making them easy to transport quickly to needed areas. Once filled with sand, these flood control bags can be quickly placed or stacked around buildings, streets, or along banks. Bags are typically placed parallel to the flow of water, with the top end of the bag folded under. If you need something more durable, check out the Port-a-Bag flood wall that is easier to install, and lasts longer than traditional sand bags.

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Whatever your flood or water concerns, these economical and easy-to-fill water control bags will provide you with the barrier and prevention you need.


  • High UV Poly Sand Bags or Burlap Sand Bags
  • Tie Included with Poly Bags
  • Standard Case Comes with 1000 Bags
  • Made in Orange or White
  • Variety of Sizes Available


  • Economical
  • Easy to Fill and Implement
  • Transport Easily
  • Forms an Effective Barrier
  • Heightens Banks to Help Contain Water
  • Helps Protect Buildings from Water Damage

How are Poly Sandbags and Burlap Sandbags Typically Used?

  • Placed Around Homes and Building as Flood Protection
  • Stacked in Pyramids Along Banks
  • They can also be used as Stormwater Runoff Protection Around Drains and Inlets

Sandbag Specification

Size and Material Quantity Per Case
14.5 x 26" Poly w/ tie 1000
18 x 30" Poly w/ tie 1000
17” x 30” Burlap  1000
*Other sizes available

Need more secure flood barriers?filling flood barrier Port-a-Bag flood protection barriers are the strongest flood protection products we offer, and retain their integrity for years of flood protection. Additionally, Port-a-Bag flood walls are easier to set up than sandbags. Learn more on our Port-a-Bag Flood Wall page.

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