Air Wall Rubber Spill Containment Berm

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Hello. I am looking for a rubber spill containment berm that I can drive my equipment on and it can catch leaks. Do you have something for this?

Thank you for contacting us! For spill containment that can be driven on without harm, a good choice is the Air Wall Drive Thru Spill Berm. This spill berm can be manufactured using either a PVC or Urethane material and features air walls on all four sides of the unit. This makes it easy for vehicles to drive on and off the unit as the walls will simply pop back up after use.

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Air Wall Berms:

The air wall berm is a favorite for its easy transportation, drive through ability, and reliable exterior. Light in weight and easy to transport, it has frequently been used in storage tank containment, vehicles containment, and decontamination temporary storage. Features include:

  • Material Options
    • 22 oz. PVC
    • 30 oz. PVC
    • 40 oz. Urethane
  • Drive through Ability
  • Compact for fast deployment
  • No additional requirements for driving on and off the unit
  • Air Wall Sides

Air & Foam Wall Combination Berms:

An extremely similar option is our drive through spill berm with air wall sides and foam wall ends. These berms can offer an different alternative when trying to drive a vehicle or place machinery onto the unit. Features include:

  • Material Liner Options
    • 22 oz. XR-5
    • 40 oz. Urethane
  • Foam Wall Ends for hands free entry
  • Air Wall Sides
  • Storage Bag included for easy transportation

Typical Applications:

With several different materials options, these berms are capable of handling liquids of a hazardous nature. Typical applications the rubber spill containment berm has been used includes:

  • HAZMAT Spill Response Operations
  • Decontamination
  • Spill Response under Pipes and Machinery
  • Containment for Trucks
  • Storage Tank Containment

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