Oil Absorbents for Research Project

Research on Oil Absorbents

Work on oil absorbents for research project about the BP oil spill and look into what chemical properties are found in oil absorbents that allow them to absorb oil.

I have few questions regarding absorbents. Are the absorbents you sell made of polypropylene?

oil absorbent boom in lakeYes, absorbents are made of polypropylene fabric.

The absorbents have a great surface area of the fiber, ability to float, mainly because of the entrapped air. For poly prop, the floating / slightly sinking effect has a lot to do with the fiber condition.

The ability is to be an "oil only" absorbent. This means that they will actively work to absorb oil, while also working to repel water. This prevents the absorbent from getting bogged down with water, eliminating its ability to absorb oil. This quality has worked to help ensure that only your absorbent can work at its full capacity.

Absorbent Product Variety

The absobent has a wide product variety to meet various oil spill requirements and spill conditions. Some of the absorbent products you might find here include:

  • Oil Absorbent Pillows
  • Oil Absorbent Pads
  • Oil Absorbent Wipes

Additional Oil Spill Cleanup Products

During an oil spill, especially large ones such as the BP spill, companies often implement several different containment and absorbent products to help maintain and clean a spill. In addition to the absorbents shown above, this can include:

  • Containment Booms (inflatable, floatation, and more)
  • Skimmers (disc, brush, and drum models available)
  • Reels (successfully transports booms)
  • Pumps, Blowers, and Power Packs

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