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Rainwater Collection Tanks

HighDRO™ Rainwater Collection Systems

. The HighDRO™ Modular Rainwater System is an all-inclusive water recovery system, combining HighDRO™ rainwater tanks, pumps and filtration into a self-contained unit. See collapsible rainwater tanks here. The HighDRO™ Modular Rainwater System is the perfect solution for new construction or building renovation projects seeking to secure green building credits for water use reduction.

Modular Rainwater System

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Ideal for use in areas where rainwater is a primary supplier of non-potable water, the modular rainwater collection system can also be equipped with bio and carbon filters for processing of graywater. Applications include cooling towers, nurseries, greenhouses and landscape irrigation. Request a Quote

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Features Options
• Removable Debris Basket
• Protected Steel Modular Storage Tank
• Integrated Supports
• Constant Pressure, Variable Speed, Booster Pumps
• Small Footprint
• Chemical Disinfection
• Dye Injection
• PLC Controller
• Unlimited Flow Rates and Volumes
• Bio and Carbon Filters for Greywater applications

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The rainwater collection and harvesting system is the perfect way to store, filter, and collect rain water. These tanks have often been installed to supply water in laundromats, plumbing systems, fire sprinklers, lawn sprinklers, and more.

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