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Piling Protectors

floating debris matPiling Protectors are a great containment option for any location looking to perform maintenance or repair on docks and pilings. Designed to fit neatly around pilings, these protectors feature an impermeable fabric material that can effectively catch paint, moss, growth, and other contaminants in the areas. This keeps pollutants contained to the source and prevents unwanted materials from spreading around your water location.

Piling containment protectors are available in either a mat or extraction model. Standard mats float around pilings to catch falling debris and prevent further contamination, while piling extraction systems work to contain materials as the piling is removed from the water. Please to not hesitate to contact us with questions regarding these systems and how they can be used in your location.

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Piling Protector

The piling protector is a sock-like barrier that is designed to fit closely around pilings to catch and contain falling items and contaminants during a cleaning or repair the process. The piling control system contains flotation devices, draw strings, and a skirt to fit into the water and effectively contain items.

piling protectionFeatures:

  • 6" Flotation Devices
  • Containment Skirt
  • Bottom Draw String to Tightly Secure around the Pylon
  • Corner Rings to Anchor System
  • Standoff Pockets
  • Laced Floats/Skirt


These pylon systems can vary depending on your area conditions and containment requirements. Typically, once the diameter of the pylon has been established, the system can be built to the length required to effectively surround and contain the pilings.

Maintaining space to the pylon and the float can be achieved by using anchor points or stand off posts. There is usually a split in the floats/skirts that help allow these units to fit around an anchor post. Once the device has been placed around the post, it should be laced together to form a tight barrier system. View Pylon Work pdf

piling protector


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If you have questions about any of our products, give us a call at (+1) 772.646.0597 or toll free at (+1) 888.703.9889 or request a price quote.


Piling Extraction System

Pylon guards are also required for areas during piling extractions. Similar to the item shown above, these systems fit directly around a pile and unroll as the pile comes out of the water. This helps to contain materials around pilings and protect the surrounding areas during an extraction process.
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turbidity control systemFeatures:

  • PE Flotation Logs
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Fabric
  • Chains Located at bottom of device
  • "T" Anchor Points with two Grommets


For more information on this piling extraction system, please check out our Piling Protection for Pile Extraction.


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Other Containment Systems

In addition to this piling protector system, we also offer several other containment mats and skirts to help catch falling debris, asbestos, and other containment during repair and cleaning. Systems include:

  • Floating Containment Mat: The floating containment mat can be placed under bridges and along dam walls to contain falling debris, tools, and lead paint before it enters the water. These mats are designed to lie flat and catch debris as it falls.

  • Pylon Extraction: These containment socks attach to pilings and unroll as the pile is extracted.

  • Floating Turbidity Curtain: Our most commonly used silt and turbidity containment method is our standard floating containment boom. These barriers are used around construction, repair, dreding and maintenance sites to keep silt and turbidity contained.


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