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Permanent boom for long-term debris control Containment Boom USA Made

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The Permanent Containment Boom is a heavy duty floating barrier designed for long term control of aquatic plants, debris, and litter. Permanent booms are highly effective in controlling, containing, or excluding any form of floating debris. This boom also presents significant cost savings due to their long field-use life. (Permanent booms tend to last around 6 times longer in the field than other styles).

Permanent boom is heavy duty and able to withstand extended use in almost any water area. It is commonly used in harsh or demanding water conditions such as marinas, ports, naval yards, repair areas, docks, and open ocean.

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Our permanent containment boom is constructed from fabric that features a high tensile strength and strong abrasion and UV resistance. Permanent debris boom features a rugged PVC or Urethane coated polyester belting with a series of high density polyethylene floats placed along the length of the belt. Floats are high impact and also provide the boom added support.

Typical Specifications

Permanent Boom Specs Specificaitons Sheet (PDF)
Freeboard 18 inches (45 cm)
24 inches(61 cm)
36 inches(91 cm)
Boom Fabric PVC or Urethane Coated Polyester Belting
Section Length 50'(15m)
100' (30.4m)
Floats Molded Polyethylene Shell
Ballast Material 12 oz.
Drawing Permanent Boom Drawing
*Alternate Sizes and Material are Available for this Product
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Debris Collection and Maintenance: Once debris has been contained, litter and debris can be removed by using trash skimmers, pumps, vacuum trailers, harvesters, or other similar products.

Permanent Booms are an excellent choice for any location dealing with extended use in a marine environment. This includes use with invasive aquatic plants, continuously polluted areas, areas that required extended protection, and beaches that experience excessive sargassum and seaweed influx.


  • Robust Belting
  • Marine Grade ASTM Connectors
  • High Impact Bolt on Floats
  • Lead Weight & Chain Ballast

If needed, permanent booms can also be used for extended oil containment around marinas and harbors. Please contact our specialists with questions or specific requirements, or submit your specs.

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Anchoring Needs
Proper anchoring is critical to the longevity and performance of your permanent containment boom. Insufficient anchoring can place undue stress on your boom and affect not only it's performance, but even cause damage to the boom itself. If you need help with determining what's needed for your project's success, please contact us. We're here to help. +1-772-646-0597.

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