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Coir Logs for Erosion Control

Granite Environmental Helps with Erosion Control

Thank You GEI for your coir logs for erosion control suggestion! coir logs for erosion controlI called GEI Works to ask about improving the aesthetics of our property in Michigan. We were having erosion control issues along the bank of our stream. The system we were using to help with the erosion was old tires. This was not only an eye sore but was not beneficial to our environment.

They suggested the use of their all natural Coconut Coir Logs and Coir Mat. We had about 200 feet of shoreline to protect. After speaking with a member of their Tech Team about our needs and expectations, it was determined the best solution for this project was to go with the 16” coir logs and the semi-permanent erosion control blanket. The logs provided the protection we needed to prevent further erosion and the blanket gave us the ability to plant seedlings for protection and to provide the future control of the erosion. The coir logs for erosion control materials were secured with oak stakes.

We actually encouraged our neighbors to think about improving the aesthetics and value of their property along with us. Once our neighbors realized the concept, the ease of installation, environmental benefits and the low cost they went in together as a team to do both of our properties at the same time. We couldn't be more happy with their project results and actually had fun doing the installation.

Coir logs are natural fiber designed for stabilization along banks, streams, and shorelines. These materials are made from 100 percent biodegradable materials, allowing them to naturally degrade into soil over time. This removes maintenance requirements and makes soil enriched to further promote plant growth.

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