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Permanent Oil Boom

Orion Permanent Oil Containment Booms are the most durable and heavy duty option for spill response and oil containment. Featuring a robust belting and high visibility heavy duty flotations, Orion containment booms can be quickly deployed around spill areas to contain and control the spread of oil. Permanent booms are commonly used in demanding water conditions such as open ocean, marinas, ports, docks, and repair areas.

Permanent Booms are typically available in either 50 or 100 foot sections and are made from a marine grade PVC or Urethane belting material with high density polyethylene constructed floats. Booms also feature a steel ballast weight and section connectors to help stabilize the barrier in water.

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Permanent Oil Containment Boom Typical Specifications USA Made

Freeboard Section Length
Belting Fabric
Freeboard Material Ballast Material

18 inches
(45 cm)

100' (30.4m)
PVC or
Molded Polyethylene Shell 12 oz Weights
24 inches
(61 cm)
100' (30.4m)
PVC or
Molded Polyethylene Shell 12 oz. Weights
36 inches
(91 cm)
100' (30.4m)
PVC or
Molded Polyethylene Shell 12 oz. Weights
Permanent Boom Specs Sheet (PDF)
Permanent Boom Drawing
*Alternate Sizes and Material are Available for this Product
Permanent Boom for oil

Permanent Boom Features

  • Height Options: 18", 24", or 36"
  • Length: 50 or 100 feet
  • Fabric: PVC or Urethane Belting
  • Flotation: Molded Polyethylene Shell
  • Robust Section Connectors
  • Galvanized Bottom Ballast Weights

Permanent Boom Benefits

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  • High Strength Components
  • Robust Polyethylene Flotations
  • Reliable Urethane Belting
  • Floats Along the Surface of the Water
  • Effectively Contains and Controls the Spread of Oil
  • Easy to Deploy and Install
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anchoring kits

Floating Boom Accessories:

  • Buoys
  • Anchors
  • Shoreline Connectors
  • Tow Bridles
  • Anchor Kits
  • Tidal Compensators
  • Reefing Lines
  • Floating Marker Lights

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