Oil Boom Reel

oil boom reelOil boom reels are an economical and effective way to store and transport floating containment booms. As with a majority of our spill cleanup equipment, reels are constructed from a marine-grade aluminum material that offers high resistance to rust and corrosion.

All reels are built in an aluminum A-frame design and are hydraulically driven. Power packs can be either built in or supplied as portable units to help supply power to your equipment. Due to the wide range of containment boom styles, boom reels are Request a Quote often custom built to the exact sizes required for your location.

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Boom Reel Features

Oil boom reels are a highly adaptable storage unit designed for use in a wide range of spill cleanup and containment application. Often built to meet the exact requirements of your location, these booms are designed with the specific core diameter required for your storage site. (See oil boom variety) Specifications include the following:

Reel Material Marine Grade Aluminum
Construction A-Frame
Core Size Built to Any Core Diameter
Required for your Site
Power Options Hydraulic, Air, Diesel, Gasoline or Electric Power Options
Additional Design Options

Custom Lifting Points
Custom Mounting Points
Swivel Base
Built-in or Portable Power Pack
Outside Aluminum Storage Container
Oversized Flanges

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With this type of flexible and readily-customized storage, boom reels have often been sized with lifts, cores and power supplies built to specifically meet the demands of your location.

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Oil Spill Cleanup Equipment

Boom storage reels are part of our wide range of spill cleanup equipment that includes options for prevention, containment and spill recovery. Additional items that have been used to help contain and cleanup your spill includes the following:

  • oil spill kitSpill Containment Booms
  • Oil Recovery Skimmers
  • Absorbents
  • Spill Berms
  • Power Packs & Pumps

With the use of these products, boom storage reels have been implemented in several different applications including oil recovery and containment in rivers, streams, inshore areas, harbors, bays and more.

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Boom Storage Reel Information

oil boom reelsOil boom reels are typically hydraulically driven during use in your spill location. When they are not being used to deploy booms around spill areas, they are also an easy and economical way to compactly store boom around your facility. This keeps the boom ready for use and deployment in the event of a spill. Additional cleanup options can be found on any of the following pages:

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